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Testløp og begynnelse på Skole

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Since my last post a week ago, I’ve been busy with orientation at Høgskolen i Lillehammer (Lillehammer College). All has gone well and I’m already done with a week of class. The school consists of three buildings: one main building with a library, café, and several classrooms; another with more classrooms and administration offices; and finally the media school building. The campus itself is much smaller than Williams mainly due to the student housing being located a short bus ride away. These three school buildings were originally the media buildings for the 1994 Olympics. My school schedule looks well set up to accommodate ski-training, because I don’t have class on Friday and, in addition, most of my classes start close to noon; perfect for training in the morning and afternoon. At this point it is hard to say how challenging my classes will be, but it looks like a typical workload for a college class so I’m sure there will be some challenges ahead.

Last Sunday I participated in a “low key” biathlon race at the Sjusjøen ski center. I say “low key” because there were forty competitors in the senior mens class and around 90 total competitors including men and women. This was a bit different from the Minnesota cups that have 30 total competitors, which would be a good showing.


Skyting og RvL

Friday, August 15th, 2008

The last few days have been full of competitions. It all started on Tuesday when I raced the first two stages of RvL, a local bike race made up of about 30 local skiers and biathletes, some of which were national and junior national team members. I didn’t have any expectations given that bike racing isn’t exactly what I’m used to, but I thought it was a chance for some good training. Tobias Torgersen, my coach, also recommended that I participate. The first two stages weren’t my greatest, but I did fine. I dropped my chain on the main climb of the second stage and was dropped by the peleton. After that I only got lost twice, but found the finish line eventually.


Samling i Folldal

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

I’m in Norway! My first week here was spent at a training camp with Team Statkraft Lillehammer in a small town called Folldal, about 2 hours of driving to the North of Lillehammer. There was no internet there, so I wasn’t able to really contact anyone after I got here, but I was able to fully focus on training and recovery. In my opinion there is no better way to get over jet-lag than making your body tired from some hard training. I posed a few pictures of the place we were staying in the photo album.

This was the first contact I had with the Norwegian way of training and found it to be similar in many ways to what I’m used to, but there were some small differences in the way training is approached. In a nutshell, I would say the main differences are found in the mental approaches to training and racing. Similar to cross-country skiing, biathlon races are very physical, but when it comes to the shooting aspect, biathlon takes a different mental approach. For example, how are you going to practice for the mental pressure of a close race that comes down to the final shooting stage? The Norwegians try to tackle this with several different shooting tests.


En kort sommer

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Welcome to my first blog. I will be spending a full year studying abroad in Lillehammer, Norway, and hope to use this blog to communicate and share my experiences and thoughts with all those back home, wherever that home may be. As you might have noticed, the title of the blog is in Norwegian together with the title of each blog post. I thought this would be a nice touch to bring a little flavor to the blog. Please bare with me as I get things up and running.