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If you haven’t noticed, it is quite apparent that I am no longer updating this blog. The explanation for this is simplistic and boils down to some plain and simple neglect. This blog was created with the purpose to cover my experiences during my year abroad in Norway and remain in contact with friends and family. I was extremely fortunate to get asked by Fasterskier to join their blogging ranks of talented skiers. Following my year abroad, it wasn’t apparent what direction my writing should take. As it turned out, my training experiences with US biathlon were quite lackluster and caused a loss of interest in terms of the blog. Thus, the updating ceased.

Now, given the current state of the site I would like to say how much I have appreciated all of the support and interest in my life as a skier. I’ve decided—if you haven’t noticed—to discontinue this blog. Skiing (and biathlon) will always continue as an important lifelong sport and I look forward to giving back to the ski community in as many ways as possible!

As a short update on my current and future plans, I just wanted to say that I will graduate this spring from Williams College and will likely continue to ski race recreationally for another year as I enter the application process to medical school. Beyond these simple prospects it is hard to say, but I’m certainly looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Again, thanks to everyone who followed my skiing/studying experiences in Norway. My experiences there undoubtedly included some of the best and most enjoyable skiing adventures that I’ve had so far.

See you on the ski trails!

Mark J.