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Hello and welcome to my blog! I was thrilled to be asked to contribute with the rest of the bloggers on FastkerSkier. I’m a Grand Rapids, Minnesota native and a student of Williams College in Massachusetts who is spending a full year studying abroad in Lillehammer, Norway. I hope to use this blog to communicate and share my experiences and thoughts with all those back home, wherever that home may be. As you might have noticed, the title of the blog is in Norwegian together with the title of each blog post. I did this to add a little “flavor” to the blog, but will offer a translation at the beginning of each post.

I started competitive skiing at the age of twelve and discovered biathlon shortly thereafter. What helped my transition from skiing to biathlon was the construction of a biathlon facility in my home town. In addition, there was a strong interest from my age group and a great coach willing to work with us. At the age of sixteen, I started competing internationally for biathlon at Junior World Championships and got hooked on the sport even more. Now, as an aspiring biathlete here in Norway, I have contact with a strong ski culture that continues to give me many different perspective on a sport I’ve done for eight years. I aim to share these perspectives with you. Again, welcome to “En tid for skiskyting i Norge” or “A time for Biathlon in Norway.” Enjoy!

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