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To Play or Not to Play? That’s No Longer the Question.

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
Soccer in Bend. Photo courtesy of Pete Vordenberg

Soccer in Bend. Photo courtesy of Pete Vordenberg

Long before I ever skied I played soccer and although my days of soccer are few and far between now but every summer co-ed soccer kicks off in Ketchum.

I have yet to miss a summer much to the dismay of many who know me. Co-ed league is especially dangerous simply because of the 100% varying degrees of skill level. Not to mention the fact that men in their 30-somethings hate being dribbled around by a girl in her 20-somethings or even worse, having the ball take from them. I have had my fair share of elbows to the head, unsafe slide-tackles, and shoves to the pavement yet I have not been seriously injured playing soccer since the 8th grade. I suppose it was my turn for a wake up call.