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Bobcats Nation: End of Summer Hibernation

Friday, November 26th, 2010

The Bobcats arrived to West Yellowstone on Saturday afternoon after a long and grueling eighty-mile drive to see that West Yellowstone had already transformed into a winter oasis. The snow was pounding for the first few days and was only interrupted by freezing conditions on Wednesday, with temps dropping down to -24F with windchill! The skiing has been solid and provided the team with an opportunity to get in needed hours working on technique and preparing for the first races of the season. A few of the Cats battled it out in the Sprint Showdown, but most of the skiers are preparing to throw-down for both distance races on Friday and Saturday.


POST Number One: Welcome

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a team whose carhartt jackets were made for ranch hands, whose vans broke down in a small city in Colorado on Ash Wednesday when the only repair shop was closed, whose team consisted of 5 women and hopefully 5 men, and whose idea of an after race snack was raw spinach.  This very team has expanded to thirty at large and more men than we can legally keep.  We have truly transformed into a competitive and intertwined bunch of nordies who have a hunger for speed and an unmatchable modesty.  Here are some photos that show our world:)

This years MSU SKI TEAM.

mmmmm, spinach

KUN FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Bunny

Mackenzie, Kaelin, Korie, Casey, Mellie, colorado sun!

Jumping is part of training right??

Taste the glory--Homestake 09

Homestake running race

15 hours in a van, Sleep Happens

...And the Sleep paid off......

We may be in college, but racing is our passion....

By: Mellie Park ~