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What’s up what’s up Ms. Tasty?

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Winter break seems to be flying by, but luckily here in Colorado the sun has been shining and the snow has been great. The Bobcats split up for break after acing their finals in school and headed home to California, Washington, Alaska, Wyoming, Austria, Idaho and Colorado.

Back in Boulder, Ryan and I have been training up at good ol’ Eldora and hooked up with Miles and Ian Havlick (Utah Ski Team) for some intervals the other day. Until today, Eldora has been surprisingly nice without the usual blowing winds.

Some of us will be heading off to Nationals later this week in Maine, for a hard week of racing before the collegiate season begins. We are continuing to build our large fan-base at home on campus, and are anticipating a fierce crowd at the opening NCAA race in Bozeman, Montana on Jan. 15th/16th.

We’ll hopefully check in later next week with some sweet pics and video from Maine.

-Drew Scott


Tearin' it up at Eldora

Sprint race at Vail NRL (photo credit: Drew Geer)

Bobcats 1 CU 0

Andrew Kastning and Calisa Schouweiler-Kastning styling their new sweaters

MSU nordic goes downhill

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Last weekend at our annual Bobcat Christmas Pole we were fortunate enough to have some of our alpine team join us in the race.  In return for us getting to watch them make complete and total fools of themselves we agreed to do some gate chasing with them later in the season.  Being a little insecure of our alpine abilities and not wanting to get laughed at too hard by our other half, we decided to do a little Nordic gate chasing of our own in preparation for the big showdown.

Here are some photos of our downhill practice at Bohart Ranch.

VO2 Max Testing and West Yellowstone Classic

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

The following link heads to a video that was shot on location in the MSU Human Performance Laboratory run by Dr. Dan Heil.  This state of the art facility is a great way to safely test the limits of Bobcat skiers! But is there a limit?

VO2 Max Testing/Classic Racing in West Yellowstone


Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

63 raffle presents,

27 MSU Nordic teamers,

1 Mama Bobcat

1 Papa Bobcat,

and SANTA.

Nothing says Christmas like our annual BOBCAT CHRISTMAS POLE fundraiser held at Bohart Ranch (Dec. 4th!!!)

Conditions are Sharp, and the Stakes are high (glory rights for a year and their name on the basket ball trophy)

STAY TUNED FOR PICTURES of Crash finishes, Holiday outfits, and some very happy kids!!!!

Registration: 9-10am, Race: 1km, 3km (freestyle) 10:30am, 5km, 10km Skate 11am. $10, under 18, $15 over 18