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Hire me. (Seriously)

How many of you readers have, at any point, ever clicked your way to the FasterSkier home page, perused my stories about cross-country skiing, and thought, “man, I wish that I could read that kind of aggressive reporting and original writing about the corrupt officials in the paper in my own city, which, by the way, also happens to be an excellent place to live, full of snow, cross-country ski clubs, and smooth roads upon which one can ride a bicycle?” Okay, admittedly, probably not very many of you. But, if you have, now is your chance to act!

I currently work as a reporter/postgraduate fellow at The New York World, a news website in Manhattan. I cover the fantastically colorful and often corrupt world of city and state politics and government. (See my best example here.) But my days here are numbered, thanks to a one year “appointment” that ends on June 31. Hence, I am now looking for a job. And, yes, I am asking you to help me find it. I mean, I figure it’s at least worth a shot…

There are a lot of great things about New York–Chinatown, subways, tabloid newspapers, people gawking at you while you rollerski in Central Park–but there are a few other elements that are generally in absence here that I have come to realize are requirements for me to have a fulfilling, soul-nourishing existence. Like, easier access to the outdoors/snow, abundant open space, etc.

However, I also have come to realize that I probably will not be happy living in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where the only person to investigate is the corrupt dog-catcher.

Over the past few weeks, I have been compiling, in my head, a list of acceptable places to move. So far, it includes, in no particular order: the Twin Cities, Seattle, the Bay Area, Bend, Denver, Anchorage, Boulder, Boise, Bozeman, Missoula, Salt Lake City, and a few Canadian cities that seem rad (Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary), but that I have written off because they cling to their maple syrup and their parliamentary style of government and make it difficult for foreigners to move and become employed there. I would also consider living in other exciting places that have not yet occurred to me.

This is where you come in.

I imagine that most FasterSkier readers are a well-connected bunch, presumably with close ties to people in senior positions at newspapers in all of these metropolises. Or, at least, with much closer ties than mine. If you read this blog post and feel so moved, please consider recommending me, or even putting me in touch. Then, we can all go skiing.

In all seriousness, I am really, actually, looking for a new job. Ideally covering politics/government/cops/courts/crime/business/real estate (or any combination) for a daily newspaper (or website), large or small. And, I figured that of all people, FasterSkier readers are the most familiar with my work, and probably live in good, wintry places…so why not ask for some help? If you have any ideas, email me! natherz[at]gmail.com

Also, as an example of my qualifications as a dirt-digging reporter, here’s a picture of my desk. Also, yesterday I was reprimanded personally by the New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly.

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  1. John Forrest Tomlinson says:

    Reprimanded by Ray Kelly? Dang, you’re the man, bro!!!

  2. Nat,

    Sandpoint,Idaho should be on your list. We have dependable snow November -May and WE ARE STILL SKIING!!! The local ski area http://www.schweitzer.com is still grooming through April 14th. I have a few ideas on employment opportunities.


  3. John Borstelmann says:

    Hey, Nat,
    You should investigate a couple of options in the northern Rockies other than Bozeman — The Post-Register in Idaho Falls owned by a liberal committed real newsman, Jerry Brady; IF is a Mormon and US Navy (INEL is where sailors train for nuclear power operations) town but close to the mountains. Also the Jackson Hole News and Guide in JH, Angus Thuermer and crew always need good reporters; they turn over every year, it seems. Expensive place to live, but excellent for skiing and in many other ways! Email or call me if you want more info: jb@nordic-builders.com

  4. Tim Kelley says:

    Anchorage has the Anchorage Daily News and the alaskadispatch news web site. Cost cutting has eliminated much of the sports reporting in AK. Mostly these news outlets just report on press releases that athletes or teams might send them. Investigative or in-depth research journalism for sports in Anchorage is very rare these days. But … if you like researching and writing about political corruption, there is no lack of it in Alaska! And the dispatch seems to focus on reporting on our corruption. Whether they are hiring or contracting … you’d have to contact them: http://www.alaskadispatch.com.