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Akito Watabe (JPN) started the day with the longest jump and easily held position in the cross-country winning the 10km Gundersen event in Klingenthal, Germany.

Overall World Cup leader Jason Lamy Chapuis (FRA), in fifth after the jumping was only able to shave 4.5 seconds off of Watabe, but did overtake everyone else to place second on the day.

Lamy Chapuis caught Austrian Bernhard Gruber early, and bided his time before attacking in the stadium.

Gruber couldn’t respond, but crossed the line just behind in third.

It was a mixed day for the US. Usually very strong on the trails, and weaker on the jump, the team generally flipflopped today.

Johnny Spillane jumped to 11th and Bryan Fletcher 14th, with Billy Demong solid in 20th and Taylor Fletcher a bit back in 31st.

All four were in position to post good overall results with a solid day on the track, but such performances were not in the cards.

Spillane struggled mightily on the skinny skis, dropping all the way back to 30th place while posting an uncharacteristic 35th fastest ski time.

Bryan Fletcher held onto 17th place overall, but was only 26th fastest in the cross-country while Demong moved up one spot to 19th with the 23rd best time.

Taylor Fletcher had the best day on the track skiing up to 23 on the strength of the 16th best time.

Ski times can be deceiving as skiers may end up in large packs with tactics dictating a slower pace. The field was fairly well spread out, making attempts to bridge between groups risky.

Norwegian Miko Kokslien posted the fastest time on the day, plowing through the field to finish 6th after starting 19th.

Norway placed five skiers in the top-10 led by Kokslien.

Competition continues on Sunday with an identical event.

Complete Results (Note: at the time of publication text results are not displaying – use the dropdown menu in the upper right to view a PDF version if this persists)..



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