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Since my last post life has been pretty sweet. I spent until the 24 in Jackson training with the team and enjoying the last of Jackson until I returned from school. All was well until my jaw started to hurt. I was puzzled for a few days trying to figure out what it was. Finally I connected the dots. Earlier in the year I was told I had to get my wisdom teeth removed soon, but I had ignored the warning and forgotten about it. At least I had forgotten about it until now, when it started hurting, 2 days before I was flying out east. So quickly we made the call and scheduled the appointment for Thursday with us flying out on Friday. Seemed like a pretty reasonable plan, I mean how bad could it really be?

A Little Lost in Boston

Well I found that out pretty soon. After coming down from the ridiculous high associated with the drugs used to knock me out, the discomfort kicked in. I wouldn’t say that flying was a breeze considering it was my mother, who just got her rotator cuff fixed and can’t use that arm, 4 very large bags, a few carry-ons, and then my wisdom teeth-lacking self. Fortunately, we made it. My Mother and I then continued to hangout around the East Coast with friends and family for a few days. We went to Boston for a day and then headed over to my Aunt’s house on Nantucket for the rest. Minus my eating disabilities it was awesome. I haven’t spent much time out here, but so far it has been quality. Since the 29th I have just been trolling around the “bustling metropolis” of East Burke, VT with miss Kate Barton and Mitch Prevot waiting for school to start.

Siasconset, Nantucket

Some of the activities of East Burke can, but not necessarily, include long hours spent trying to rebuild a shipped bike, mountain unicycle rides (this really deserves more of an explanation, but that would be a whole new post. Let’s just say it was lots of walking for me and Kate while we watched Mitch shred the mountain bike trails with only one wheel), some nice grilling, and more. Kate and I actually drove down to GMVS to join them for a Classic Sprint simulation which was super fun. Unfortunately for me, that whole day wouldn’t be constituted as “the best”. I woke up a little later than intended, my boot slightly broke, I forgot and had to borrow a helmet, I lost a bolt on one ski, I broke the fork on the other ski which ended my skiing, and on top was just a tad tired. Nevertheless it was a great experience!

My Dorm house in the background here at Burke Mountain Academy!

I’m now on to the start of school. Today was orientation and moving in so it was mostly filled with just hanging around and meeting new people. Tomorrow will be the first day of actual classes so we’ll see how that goes, but I assume it’ll be solid. So far I’m loving here. The campus is incredible. Just minutes away from the mountain, a couple seconds from the food and weight room, classes all in walking distance, and the place is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Everyone I have met has been super nice and excited. I’m looking forward to be living with and going to school with 100% skiers, even if 98% of them are alpiners. My room is a bit cramped, but totally manageable. I must say though looking at the other rooms ours is comparable to Harry Potter’s little staircase abode. I’m looking forward to getting classes started and getting more situated with the school. You’ll be hearing much more about it soon enough, but until then I’m going to go try and make some friends. Hope everyone else is easing into fall and, if applicable, school easily. Post Soon,


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  1. peter's #1 fan Says:

    Just repping Withy, hands down best dorm on campus.

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