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So this is going to be a pretty condensed blog post considering the amount of time it is covering, but I’ll do my best to cover it all. It’s been probably a couple of months since my last post, if you’re wondering a few posts got deleted in a Fasterskier crash, but not much was missed. I haven’t really been wanting to post because I didn’t have anything good to say. In short, I’ve had a real bad season this year. I’m pretty bummed considering I had some high hopes for this season, but there is always next year, and then the year after, and they year after, etc. If you read my posts from the first couple of Eastern Cups you know that I wasn’t super psyched with my first races, but I still had hope. Unfortunately, it only got worse form there. My goals went from a podium or win at JNs, to then just qualifying for JNs, to now a podium at the Stowe Derby. So I guess you could say they may have actually increased since the Stowe Derby is pretty prestigious. I think that the biggest factor in my lackluster season is my massive increase in hours. To be honest, last year I was pretty inconsistent with training and didn’t quite have the motivation I should have, but then this year I took an entirely new approach and did all the training plus more. With an increase in training hours like that it is not uncommon to see a weak season followed by then stronger ones. I don’t want to make excuses, but when I look back on my year thats all that I can really see. My technique has improved and my strength increased, but my fitness just didn’t follow. Throughout the season I was definitely lower energy and with a few sicknesses in between Eastern Cups I was out of the running. Looking at it now I see that it is really pretty insignificant in the long term, I mean I’m a 2nd year J2 in a sport where some people don’t hit their peak for another 10 years. Even though that is true its still always hard to not reach the goals you set for yourself and especially when its missed by that much. I’m doing what I can to stay motivated and continue training until the actual spring time here in Vermont. I’m still happy about my decision to come here for the year and wouldn’t change a thing, regardless of the results. I’ve learned so much and developed so many different abilities that the year has become invaluable.

To move on from the¬†disappointing¬†stuff, everything else has been going well! East Burke has been getting some snow, still no base but its something, and the weather has been significantly improved from earlier on. We’ve had countless bluebird days and have been using tons of Extra Blue kick. These are the days that I thought I’d never find here out East. I must say that now with my season being over I have a pretty big sense of relief and am beginning to enjoy the workouts again. I’ve gone on a couple of adventure skis and spent most of my time doing distance skis and catching up on homework. This past week Burke actually had a break, but the Nordic team opted to use it as a training block. Tara and Coach Kate are headed to Junior Nationals and Warren to Eastern High Schools. Since I’ve decided not to do Eastern High Schools or J2 Champs I’ve had ample time to get in some alpine skiing and re-settle in. Many hours have been dedicated to catching up with recent events and following the current #ForwardonClimate campaign. I’m looking forward to getting in some good turns up on the mountain and enjoying the rest of the year. HUGE shoutout to all the skiers at WORLD CHAMPS! Kate and I were up at 6:45 this morning watching the feed. Still plenty more races for the Stars n Stripes and for you Petter Northug. I have faith.

I’ll probably start resuming my posting more frequently now that I’m on better terms with things and maybe start taking a few photos. Until then, Enjoy the Snow!




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    Stowe Derby > JNs

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