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Today were the distance skate races. While my personal race was forgettable and sad, there were some other awesome performances that offset my own result and made it a great day.

It was sweet to see Uncle Lars rippin it up again, gettin second. Talk about a well rounded skier… Probably the best moment of the day was when we all found out that Kate Fitz had won the women’s race. Us boys were kind of milling around the wax table with only a few minutes to start, and you could feel the Stoke-O-Meter go way up. It was so, so cool!

Kate Fitz attacks Telemark Hill as Coach Flora... advises? Maybe he thought she was going out too hard. Apparently she wasnt - (photo credit Karl Schauer)

Pete Kling and Bart Dengel climbing - (photo credit Karl Schauer)

¬†After the results were finalized, we found out that both of the SuperTour Overall Leader bibs would be worn by APU skiers, as well as the womens Distance Leader. Kate Fitzgerald, Lars Flora (represented here by his brother Erik; and yes, Erik is crouching-he says you’re short Lars!), and Holly Brooks.

Hows that for a haul?

James "The Italian" Southam... those Italians are just so stylish!

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