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We just finished up our last training camp of the year in Park City. It was another 2 weeks block, like our camp in August, but this time there were significantly more people there besides just the APU team. Nearly every major club brought their full elite teams, plus there were a lot of individuals there as well. It had snowed a bit there before the camp started, but we were lucky enough to get really good weather.


Driving to morning training at Soldier Hollow:



The benefit of this camp was having the top 50-60 skiers in the country all there training together. It brings a whole new set of skills, techniques, and approaches that haven’t been seen when we are all spread out in the summer.


Erik Bjornsen, Sylvan Ellefson, and myself. Post workout with Team Oakley:



The falltime colors there were amazing. I loved the contrast here between the foothills and these snowy peaks:



Homeade pizza:



A couple minor storms rolled through, leaving small amounts of precipitation, but more impressive were their rainbows:



A long run on the amazing Utah singletrack:

photo - David Norris

photo – David Norris


Driving to SoHo again. Mount Timp above the farmland and pastures:



Horse whisperer Lex Treinen bonds with one of the spectators at a workout:



Looking over at another 9000ft ridge from our house… quietly waiting. Waiting for that legendary Utah powder to engulf it all. Things were silent this time of year, but they won’t be for long:



It was a really productive camp. The training was hard, but that makes it worthwhile. I really want to take a second to say a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Zuzana Rogers, who is one of our pt’s from Advanced Physical Therapy. She came down with us to help keep our bodies from falling apart due to the training, and she was an immeasurable asset. Thanks so much Zuzana!


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Now I’m back in Alaska to ski on snow and make the final training preparations for racing. Yeehaw.

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