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This season I had the pleasure of traveling to the 2011 Junior Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To be honest it was one of the most urban ski trips I have ever been on, but at the same time It might have been one of the most maddening ski trips I have ever been on. Right when I stepped foot in the airport my eyes were wandering all over the place just spotting unique shots that I couldn’t pass up so immediately I whipped out my camera and started filming. Shortly after we arrived in Minneapolis the madness began when I realized that the racing schedule was not in favor to my ability of documenting the trip. At first I thought I would be able to film at least one race, but when the night sprints rolled around and I had left my film equipment behind; the coping began. I couldn’t handle the fact that some of the best skiers in the nation were drawn to a head to head battle through a coarse lit by steaming halogen lights scattered about, but as always I figured there is nothing I can do but enjoy the fact that I am here watching it. By the time the classic race occurred, I accepted the fact that there was no way I was going to leave my film equipment unsupervised in a chalet filled with people sitting and stepping where they pleased. I apologize that I was unable to document any of the Junior National’s races, but looking forward the Revived Films TEAM will be heading out to Sun Valley for the super tour and hopefully we will be able to bring you a top notch film of the pros battling it out in one of the most scenic places in the nation. We would also like to congratulate, Skyler davis, Jessie Diggins, Logan Hanneman, Heather Mooney, Corey Stock, Marion Woods, Hamish Mcewen, and David Sinclair all topping the podium at 2011 Junior Nationals! Photos Courtesy of Sverre Caldwell and Herve Pellitier.

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  1. Skyler Davis Says:

    And…Tyler Foulkes – National Champion…Common’ bro don’t leave yourself out!! – Great post!

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