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Here is our pre-season teaser, from all of the shots that we have gotten so far this year.  We traveled to Snow Mountain Ranch for our Fall Camp.  This gave us a chance to get a jump start on our filming for the year.  Along with good snow, training and filming we all had a great time.  This gave the new SMS team time to bond and really become a tight group. We didn’t film too much for the first Eastern Cup because we were both sick.  We are packin up the camera gear for nationals.  We are excited this year because we will be getting media passes with course access, special thanks to fasterskier for hooking us up. This year you will see us filming a bunch, but we are going to do things differently this year.  Unlike last year, we will save most of our footage for a longer and better season movie that will come out in the summer.  That is not to say that we won’t be releasing anything for a long time, we plan to release a few teasers over the season.  For those of you who have not heard, we have brought Corky Harrer on board this year as another filmer.  We are stoked to have him on board.  The three of us are ready to have a good season of skiing and filming.  See you all in Maine in a few days!

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