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Revived Films is glad to be a part of Faster Skier now.  We look forward to showcasing our movies, show the behind the scenes and tell you a little about all of the random adventures we have.  Revived Films is a small production company run by Mac Fisher and Tyler Foulkes.  We started up October of last year and have grown ever since.  Tyler and I both decided to create the company to further expand our favorite hobbies of cinematography and photography.  Going to the Stratton Mountain School has made us both develop a strong love for Nordic skiing, so we managed to put together all of our favorite hobbies and Revived Films was the product.  Our goal is film and document Nordic skiing to produce a new era of Nordic ski films.  We look forward to contributing to the Nordic ski world by producing as many edits and movies as possible and for all of those skiers out there good luck and have a great season.

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