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Back home and TernPro VIDEO

I’ve been back home in Hanover this week, and it’s been busy! I managed to get a few running workouts and a few skiing workouts in, though. My freind Max Durtschi has been able to join me for some of the skiing sessions. Max is a pro cyclist but he’s taking the classes at Dartmouth this winter. His name may ring a bell since it wasn’t so long ago that he was crushing Junior Nationals and racing for the U.S. on the J1 Scando Trip.


There’s no doubt Max could still take some names out on the course!


People always tell me that there’s no snow in the Upper Valley… (1/16/14)

I also wanted to share a sweet video from earlier this fall in Bozeman, Montana. A friend of mine from school started this really cool company called TernPro. What they do is rent out GoPro video cameras and when you return the cameras they make you an awesome video of your adventure! It’s pretty awesome if you don’t want to go out and buy a new GoPro, or if you don’t have the time or energy to struggle with cutting down all the footage and making a professional looking video! I tried it out this fall, and TernPro produced a really cool video. You can check it out below!