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Probably anyone familiar with amateur sport is familiar with sacrifice. But I feel the quote  above by Mia Hamm really says it all.

I can’t speak for everyone but I know that I have personally become accustomed to sacrificing many things throughout the years.  When I think back over the years it seems crazy when you begin to add up all the missed  weddings, stags, funerals, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries it becomes unimaginable and kind of sad.

I guess that is why we are taught to set both near and distant goals. I feel this allows us to strive after something right infront of our noses day after day.  For me it lead to a head down approach often in an almost selfish way, but in return I progressed and improved day after day and achieved some things I’m not sure I ever could have imagined somewhere nearing a decade ago.

This year is not much different than others in regards to my approach to training or even the racing but obviously for many of the nordic elite the focus is going to be Sochi 2014.  It is my dedication to becoming an Olympian that allowed me to sacrifice a passion of mine and sell my motorcycle.  I could not justify the risk or the cost of owning and riding such a machine. In regards to risk, I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I ended up having to stay at home in February because of something as silly as a slick road or a gravel patch.  And well the money is going to a good cause, I think… it will cover a portion of my National Team fee of $6500.

I think the moment that sacrifice becomes too much it’s time, time to hang up the boards and fold out the classifieds in search of another two wheeled ride.


p.s. my girlfriend thinks the first thing I may want to look for in the classifieds might be a job.





3 Responses to “It’s not sacrifice if you love what you are doing.”

  1. Marty Hall Says:

    Hi Scott–always disagreed when athletes expressed their concerns about the sacrifices they make or have made to be a high level athlete. Everything you do in life has it’s demands, requirements or responsibilities(drr)
    If tomorrows hill running workout at 8 am precludes you going out socially with your friends the night before until 11 or 12 pm—that is not a sacrifice—that is just a responsibility you honor on you way to reaching your goal of winning a medal or placing in the top 10 at the Olympics.
    You are special and you make special considerations to reach goals—-actually happens in real life but just not as heroic as it is for being at the top of your sport.
    Also, you will have plenty of time in the rest of you life to do those mundane things.

  2. Marty Hall Says:

    Oh, forgot one thing—you actually have to pay $6500 to be on the Canadian Biathlon Team—-that’s criminal—I commend you for your dedication—hey all you skiers out there-this guy needs help.

  3. Scott Says:

    Marty, thanks for reading! I am grateful for the life I get to live but it gets harder with team fees like this.