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WOAH!  It’s been far too long without a blog post. Since my last post when I was down undah in New Zealand much has happened. Shortly before the races down in “Enn-Zed” I became ill with a virus that lasted far too long. I trained through it when I returned back to the States – and training was actually going pretty well.  Then, once the intensity started to ramp up at the USST camp in Lake Placid, I felt the same symptoms I had in New Zealand coming back.  My coaches and I decided it would be best to figure out what was going on, so I headed back to my home in Jericho, Vermont and met with pulmonary specialists in Burlington.  After a battery of tests, they discovered that it wasn’t my lungs but my sinuses that were causing the problems. This was a relief to the doctors and me. Finally getting the right diagnosis meant that they could put me on the right meds.  I’m now back to my regular training program and health wise I feel back to my old self.  It’s great to be feeling well again and ready to train at full capacity.

With fall under way, there’s some great training to look forward to and some other cool projects that I’m doing in my new office in my home in Stratton.  I will be posting updates soon!

If your in the Burlington area and need Physical Therapy work check out:

Here’s a cool project that my newest sponsor, Revived Films, finished up for me recently.  Big props for their efforts!  They worked super hard, to film, direct, edit and produce this awesome promo compilation clip from the 2010 – 2011 season.