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After rough races in Quebec in front of my family and friends I traveled to Canmore, Canada.

I was excited for the next weekend of World Cup Racing, I felt great when getting to Canmore. Two days in Canmore I came down with a nasty cold. I was very disappointed and mostly confined myself to the Hotel, with easy runs everyday to stay active. Luckily we had a great staff of PT and Massage, I worked with Anna and Michael everyday to keep my body ready to race!  Huge Thanks to both of them and the whole USA Team Staff.  Special thanks to my coach Gus for looking out for me this season so far – couldn’t do it without him.


                                               Canmore Morning Sunrise 1


I decided to race even though I felt terrible. My coach (GUS.K) defined it as a playoff game and I had sprained ankle, “You can still play, it will just suck”. Well ended up my body felt strong and ready to go even though it was hard to breathe.


Rob.W Photo – Sprint Canmore Heats WC

Felt great in my Qualifier and finished with a Career best result – 20th place on the World Cup. Felt like I skied smooth and crisp.

I skied my heat well, but got tangled a bit on the DH and lost my good spot, ended 5th in my heat barely missing lucky loser. Ended up 24th on the day, happy with it but def not satisfied and looking forward to my next World Cup Start!

                                                     PC Blue Sky 1



I’m currently recovering from a terrible sinus infection in PC – but I’m starting to feel great. I’ve had this sinus infection since after LP this Fall. I finally had good opportunity to rest in PC and get rid of it – stoked!! I have been working out at the COE everyday with my new PT Adam.P, he’s been HUGE help and getting me on a good plan.  It’s been awesome to hang out and live with my good buddy Sammy.T and get excited for US Nationals.

                                           Sam- Jordan Skiing PC 1


Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the BD Love 🙂

2 Responses to “World Cup Canmore – WC Pts.”

  1. Yah Boy Says:

    Nice job keep stacinitup with those WC points

  2. werrdboiiiii Says:

    Is there still some “dormant mono” left over from last year as well? Gotta watch that, it can make cornering really tricky, and rears its head at the most inopportune times…