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Jr Nat’ls Fairbanks videos collecting

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

After a year of qualifying races, Junior National Championships began yesterday at the spectacular Birch Hill venue at Fairbanks, Alaska. Cool sunshine switches to cold as the inversion in town drops temperatures to -31F in the valleys and hopefully warmer here on the hill.  Intermountain team videos will continue to amass at this blog throughout the week. Internet has been spotty (okay, there are 400 skiers relaxing online) so keep checking back.

MJ2 Classic 3X3 Relay video

WJ2 Classic 3X3 Relay video

WJ1/OJ Classic 3X3 Relay video

MJ1/OJ Classic 3X3 Relay video

MJ1/OJ Interval 10Km Skate video

WJ1/OJ 5km Interval Skate video

WJ2 5km Interval Skate video

MJ2 5km Interval Skate video 

Pre-race introduction to Birch Hill and a look around Fairbanks

JNQ Bogus Basin Classic Videos

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The skiers were hard at it on second day at the Bogus Basin Jr National Qualifier,  the last day for selecting the Intermountain Division team members to travel to Jr Nationals in Maine.  The classic course was a 5k for men and women OJ/J1/J2.  The younger racers skied on the same shorter courses from the day before.  Video highlights from a beautiful course:

Women’s Classic OJ/J1/J2:

Men’s Classic OJ/J1:


Classic Men’s J2 and J3/J4:


JNQ Bogus Basin Skate Videos

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Bogus Basin, Idaho hosted the final Intermountain Division Jr National Qualifier.  Three video highlights from the first day of competition:

Women’s J1/OJ 10k Skate:


Men’s J1/OJ 15k Skate:



Men and Women J2/J3/J4  5k/3k/1k Skate: