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Solitude Nordic Center’s Spring-Fling

Monday, March 24th, 2014

BW Matt, Barry, & Wil working the course

The Solitude Spring Fling is a fun and full day of racing, eating a hot grilled lunch, live band the River House, snow sculptures, costume contest and more racing starting with a three lap 7km distance race. At nine thirty the sun was burning through the last of the scattered clouds as the racers turned through the inner loop behind the Solitude Nordic Center and then headed out on the Lake Loop. Three laps later the winner was determined in the last three meters and a boot length.

The music and eating continued with snow sculptures partially finished when the 2pm relay sprints started. Several of the morning racers had left after the lunch, raffle, and awards though their places were easily filled by recruiting Solitude regulars who had come up unaware of the races but happily joined in on the fun. TUNA’s comp team skiers Wil Nichols and Caden McFarlane presented Lydia Strohl with a clear advantage as Lydia sprinted anchor out on the 1.2km Lake Loop. After she disappeared out of sight, Aram Hajian (2002 Olympian and Solitude Nordic director) had been recruited to anchor another team and he flew out in a blur, chasing after Lydia. Watch the video for the winner.

Sprint Relay, Snow-sculpture mini-golf, and costume contest video

7km Mass start skate race video

BW Barry, Wil, & Matt under Mount Millicent

BW Mary leading Lydia off the By-pass loop



Wasatch Citizens’ Race #5

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

BW Quinn Keeney, Rachel Haight, Ellie Anderson


No one dared mention it for fear it would happen for a third year in a row. Even now it is troubling to say the race went off with only a minor flurry and a few moments of wind. The finale of the great 2014 Wasatch Citizens’ Series, the race series of citizens, Olympians, US, and foreign ski teams was heartily contested in every age group. A new record was set for finishing in the lap lane and lapping through the finish lane… the sorting of results continues 24 hours later.

Wasatch Citizens’ 20km Race #5 video

Wasatch Citizens’ Jr and Sit-skier Race #5 video


Round Valley Round-Up Race

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Watch the wild ride of the 4am re-designed route for the Round Valley Round-Up, Park City, Utah. The groomer woke the race director at 4am to tell him parts of the lower course washed away after dark and insisted the race be cancelled. Instead the two worked with what trail remained and designed a collection of smaller loops. Unfortunately, the remaining higher trails were narrow and twisted in many senses of the phrase – but fun to watch and technical to ski.

20km / 40km skiers video

5km Round Valley Round-Up race video


Soldier Hollow, Utah Super JNQ videos

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Five of the ten USSA divisions met this week-end at Soldier Hollow, Utah. All 5 divisions raced together for podiums, however, only within a division did the places count toward qualifying for Junior Nationals in Stowe, Vermont. The warm temperatures and wind made for challenging conditions on Friday. Watch highlight of the sprint qualifiers and the sprint heats for the U16 and U18/U20 men and women. Spliced into the middle of the day were races going down to U8.

Over a dozen videos will collect here so keep checking back.

Women’s U16 Classic Sprint Qualifier video

Women’s U18/U20 Classic Sprint Qualifier

Men’s U16 Classic Sprint Qualifier

Men’s U18/U20 Classic Sprint Qualifier


MF U12 Classic Sprint Race

MF U8/U12 Classic Sprint (adorable)

MF U14 Classic Sprint


Women’s U18/U20 Quarter-finals

Women’s U16 Classic Sprint Quarter-Final

Women’s U16 then U18-20 Classic Semi-Final Sprint Heats

Women’s U16 A then B Finals, Women’s U18/20 B Then A Finals


Men’s U16 Classic Quarter-Finals

Men’s U18-20 Classic Quarter-Finals video

Men’s U16 then U18-20 Classic Semi-Finals

Men’s U16 then U18-20 B then A Finals video



Wasatch Citizens’ Race #3

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Citizen ski racing doesn’t get any better or more beautiful than this classic race at The Utah Nordic Alliance’s (TUNA) club track at Mountain Dell, Utah.

Wasatch Citizens’ Race #3 video

and the junior and sit-ski race:

Wasatch #3 Juniors and Sit-skiers video

US XC Championships pt. 2 – 13 videos

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

The top national racing continues at Soldier Hollow. The weather has changed to scattered snow for the rest of the week making for highly variable snow conditions by adding more natural snow into the mix. Wednesday hosted the distance races: 30km for the men, 20km of the women, 5km for the junior (U20) women, and 10km for the junior men. Friday will see the grueling classic sprints as the chance of snow showers continues.

Keep checking back as more than a dozen videos will be collecting here.

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Jr. Women’s 5km Skate video

Jr. Men’s 10km Skate video

Women’s 20km Skate video

Men’s 30km Skate Race video


Men’s Qualifying Round – Classic – video

Women’s Qualifying Round – Classic

Men’s Quarter-Finals Classic video

Women’s Quarter-Finals Classic

Men’s and Women’s Semi-Finals Classic

Men’s Women’s B then A Finals


Jr. Men’s Classic Quarter-Finals

Jr. W M Semi-Final Classic Sprints

Jr. W M Classic B then A Finals



US XC Championships – 15 vids

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The US Cross Country Skiing Championships returned to the greatest snow on earth at Soldier Hollow, Utah. Two days of sparkling sunshine and cold snow have given the racers stellar conditions to compete with individual starts and head-to-head.  Collecting below will be videos from the first two days of individual start classic 10/15km racing and the first skate sprints, Senior and Junior (U20).

Keep checking back to watch for your favorite skiers as the videos accumulate here.

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Torin Koos US Champion Skate Sprint 2014 Elimination through Final Sprint


Classic 10Km Utah Jr Women 2014

Classic 15km Jr Utah Men video

Women’s 10km Classic, interval start

Men’s 15km Classic


Men’s Skate Sprint Elimination Round

Women’s Skate Sprint Elimination round

Sr. Mens’ Skate Quater Finals

Sr. Women’s Skate Quater Final Sprints

Sr. Men’s and Women’s Skate Sprint Semi-finals

Sr. Men’s / Women’s B then A Skate Sprint Finals


Jr. Men’s Quater Finals Skate Sprint

Jr. Women’s Skate Qtr-final Sprints

Jr. M W Semi-Final Skate Sprints

Jr. M W B then A Skate Sprint Finals

Agony Hill, TUNA, Park City, REG

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

TUNA comp skiers, Park City Nordic, and the visiting REG Nordic skiers ran an early morning time trial up 1200 feet of the 0.9 mile Agony Hill. One runner broke 15 minutes a few more broke into the 16 minute range as a great start for the western REG (Regional Elite Group) and the Utah Combined Teams’ early-summer camp.

Click for Agony Hill video

Crust/Slush Skiing

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Okay, so the skiers slept in a little. One stayed asleep in the car, never touching the snow. The sun-cupped snow would swallow your skinny race baskets when used for forward propulsion, and still, not a day to miss out in the mountains. The record breaking heat in the valley and no freeze over night didn’t change the always stunning scenery and the ski was followed with ebelskivers at the cabin.

click for video

Jr Nat’ls Fairbanks videos collecting

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

After a year of qualifying races, Junior National Championships began yesterday at the spectacular Birch Hill venue at Fairbanks, Alaska. Cool sunshine switches to cold as the inversion in town drops temperatures to -31F in the valleys and hopefully warmer here on the hill.  Intermountain team videos will continue to amass at this blog throughout the week. Internet has been spotty (okay, there are 400 skiers relaxing online) so keep checking back.

MJ2 Classic 3X3 Relay video

WJ2 Classic 3X3 Relay video

WJ1/OJ Classic 3X3 Relay video

MJ1/OJ Classic 3X3 Relay video

MJ1/OJ Interval 10Km Skate video

WJ1/OJ 5km Interval Skate video

WJ2 5km Interval Skate video

MJ2 5km Interval Skate video 

Pre-race introduction to Birch Hill and a look around Fairbanks