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Wasatch Citizens’ Finale #5

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

The drive through the light snow, the clouds rolling over the mountain pass, all warned of another race at the Farm, Park City, was to be in a developing blizzard. The clouds pushed down the backside of the Wasatch and covered the sun. Slowly around 9:45 the clouds retreated back to the summits and the racing sparkled in sunshine. Sadly another year of local citizen racing came to an end.


Wasatch Citizens’ Finale (#5)

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

The race usually known as the Farm race for its location was relocated to Soldier Hollow. This makes four of five races at Soldier Hollow with thier snowmaking capability – though very few nights have frozen lately. The track was superb and the citizens raced the slightly harder competition course with bigger climbs – four times! The 4.3km loop was shorter but tougher. Watch highlights of Junior skiers, sit-skiers, special Olympians, and master skiers:



Wasatch Citizen’s Races #4,5 videos

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

As a Nordic Winter Olympics wraps up (oh, the alpine and indoor events too) in Vancouver, so too wraps up the Wasatch Citizen’s Series races.   No one here has stopped talking about the Nordic skiing in Whistler nor stopped talking about  Billy Demong’s skiing in the 3rd Wasatch race.  Hum, which gold medal is he wearing today?  Wasatch race #4 at Soldier Hollow showcased our 60+ J4 and younger skiers skating the Olympic Sprint course or a shorter section of the sprint.  The older skiers contested thier 10k race on portions of the Olympic 5k loop.  The fifth and final Wasatch Citizen’s race held, as tradition required, at The Farm in Park City was a 20k race of all conditions from wind-blown, ground blizzard powder to fast, scoured track. 

Wasatch Citizen’s Race #5 Adults:

Wasatch Citizens'Race #5 Juniors:

Wasatch Citizen's Race #4: