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We completed our annual Testing Camp this weekend. During the camp we complete a strength test, double pole time trial, 3km run and uphill run test. Check out some of the video:

Skate Video

3km run

Double Pole TT

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Here are two articles from the steamboat Pilot and Today:

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The team out on a road ride earlier this month

After taking April off from team training, we began the training season again on April 30th. We have been getting together 4x/week as a team to run/bike/lift weights and play some ultimate.
This past weekend, the athletes took part in a 5km running race and it served as their first test of fitness for the summer. Several athletes took part in the same race last year could compare times. Everyone improved their times significantly from last year, indicating that the training has been paying off and that they have maintained their fitness better than last year.
Listed below are time improvements from the previous year and then the results from this year.

Emily: -1:57
Tanner: -1:54
Mary O: -:50
Cara: -1:36
Haley: -2:08
Madison Keeffe: -1:31
Gretchen: -3:56

5km Spirit Challenge Running Race Results
Max Scrimgeour 19:47
Brian Tate 20:11
Tanner Heil 20:27
Emily Hannah 20:33
Lars Hannah 21:33
Mary O’connell 21:39
Cara Piske 23:01
Haley Piske 23:33
Madison Keeffe 24:46
Gretchen Burkholder25:52
Lark Skov 29:37
Anna Burkholder 29:37

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Women's High School Nationals Champions

Congratulations to a fantastic team!

here is a link to the article:

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Here is the link to the sprint results from Estonia Today:
J1 Men:

J1 Women

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For the Past Week, Emily Hannah and Mary O’Connell have been racing Scandinavian Cups in Latvia and Estonia. The have had some impressive races against very tough senior fields. They fly from Estonia to Turkey on Wednesday where they will compete in the World Junior Championships.

Max Scrimgeour flew to Estonia and arrived today. He will be in Estonia for the next 2 weeks and compete as a part of the US J1 Team.

You can find updates from both of these trips at

The J1 and older team traveled to Aspen this weekend to race in the Supertour races. Our team was led by Haley Piske’s 3rd in the sprint and 5th in the 5km. Lucy Newman placed 6th in the 5km classic.

Meanwhile our J2 contingent was racing in the downtown 100 meter sprints that were a part of the famous Steamboat Winter Carnival.

Busy times!

One more week of school before we get a whole week off for Blues Break!

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Here is the link to a newspaper article recapping the podium finishes we captured at the races in SoHo this past weekend:

Here is the link to All Results:

Here is a link to some fantastic pictures taken by Tom Scrimgeour:

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The team split into several different groups this weekend. A small group went to Devil’s Thumb to race in the DU invite 10/15km mass start. The top result was Max Scrimgeour skiing to an impressive 11th place!
Most of the team went to Steamboat race to take part in either a or a 12km citizen race. Lars Hannah (J2) skied to overall victory there!

Full results available here:

Several of the athletes took the weekend off from competition and are recovering from illness.

We will put in a short interval session on Tuesday and then it is off to SoHo on Thursday AM for the Super Qualifier this weekend!

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Full results for the weekend can be found at:
Skate Race:

Classic Race:

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