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Broken Top Bowl Video

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

For Sunday’s workout SSWSC decided to leave the groomers and take advantage of the perfect crust skiing conditions in the bowl of Broken Top mountain. The Broken top crust ski is a Bend Camp classic. We left the house at 6AM this morning and were able to get in a 4 hour OD ski before conditions began to soften. a 4 hour workout never felt so short! Here is a video: Check it

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One time at Bend Camp…

Friday, June 11th, 2010

We have been training in Bend since we arrived on Monday. The skiing and dryland training has been excellent!
Here is a look at our training so far:
Monday: 90 minute run Dillon Falls to Benham Falls

AM: 3 hours classic ski

PM:run and Strength at The Athletic Club of Bend

AM:2hr classic ski

PM: 60 minute Outrigger canoe paddle on the Deschutes River

AM: 2 hour classic ski

PM: basketball and strength 60 minutes

AM: 2hr skate ski

This afternoon we are taking on the SVSEF juniors in the soccer/speedball/ultimate frisbee world cup.

Tomorrow we are racing. Sprint Relays on tap

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Congratulations Graduates

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Yesterday 2 of our seniors: Molly Newman and Betsy Neal graduated from the Lowell Whiteman School! Both plan to continue to pursue skiing in college. Betsy will be attending Middlebury and Molly will be going to the University of New Hampshire. Here are a few photos from the big day:

Betsy and Molly

The team

proud coach

We depart for Bend in the morning!

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