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After running the 3000m on Thursday AM, we gathered in the afternoon and laid down some 500m times on the ski erg and then played a great game of ultimate.

500m Ski Erg Results by time and average Watts
When comparing results to others, it is important to keep in mind that this test was done at 7000 feet and that the best true measure of performance is average watts divided by body weight.

Michaela Frias 1:54.6 233W
Mallory Richey 2:04.0 184W
Haley Piske 2:04.1 183W
Mary Rose 2:05 179W
Emily Hannah 2:08 165W
Lucy Newman 2:09.8 160 W
Mary O’Connell 2:10.5 157W
Madison Keefe 2:15 142W
Julia Hayes 2:20.5 126 W
AliciaRose Pastore 2:21.1 125W
Emily Larson 2:22.9 120W
Hannah Smith 2:27 109W
Gretchen Burkholder 2:33 99W
Rachel Hampton 2:37 97W

Conor Wallace 1:41 336W
Sean Woods 1:47.1 285W
Hakan Sigurslid 1:47.5 282W
Garrett Geer 1:47 281W
Charlie VonThaden 1:51.2 255W
Christian Shanley 1:52 246W
Max Scrimgeour 1:53.0 243W
Rogan Brown 1:53.4 240W
Gino Pastore 1:54 234W

We finished up the week of testing by running about 17 miles from Fish Creek Falls to the Gondola

The next generation of RMN guys putting in the time