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Time to Take a Break

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I just got back from Whistler were I finished my season racing at Canadian Nationals.  I started off the week of races tired, due to a week of racing at Junior Nationals, the dance, and a long day of travel.  Hence my classic 5k did not go to well. By the next day I was starting to feel like myself and I was ready to just try my hardest for the skate race.  I paced myself well, and other than a hard fall that took my sunglasses, hat, and breath with it, I had a good race.  I entered the sprint race focused on not falling (since I had fallen in the past two races and there were some hard corners that could definitely take me out).  I had a good qualifier but got boxed out in my quarterfinal and didn’t advance. 


Spring Break/ Welcome to 2009 and photos!!!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Hello All,

I am back from Junior Nationals in Anchorage, AK. The week was actually pretty flat. I did not have the best races, however, I am thrilled with my season! As a division, Intermountain fought hard, and we had some excellent results. Mali Noyes never finished a race less than third. Reid Pletcher and Noah Hoffman also were consistently in the top5/ top3. The J1 boys had a very difficult JN’s and I was disappointed with our results, but we ended the week well! The highlight of my week was racing with my close friends and teammates Travis Job and Marshall Opel. We were able to take 5th, and we each raced solid legs. I raced scrambled leg, and it was the most fun I have ever had in a ski race. I was very nervous at the start, because I have only raced anchor legs. When the gun went off I just skied as aggressively as possible. At the first climb I was in perhaps 20th. I had one huge adrenaline rush, and from that point on, I did not feel any pain. I just kept moving up and up and getting angrier and angrier. Finally, I could see my teammate Reid Pletcher, and I set my eyes on his bobbing red hair. It was so funny so see the little red head bobbing in and out of sight. I ended coming in around 5 th and Travis and Marshall did the rest. Congrats to them!!!! I also enjoyed all of my time with my roommate Eliot Neal!!! I look forward to next season already.

345 days till next years JN’s- See you there.

Now I have a strange period in my life. I have two weeks until cycling season starts. 14 days, where I have nothing to do. It is really hard. I wander my house in boxers for the most part, play cards with my mother. I did, however, go for a great skate ski on the Harriman last week. 1 part ski, 1 part snow, 1 part Bruce Springsteen music equals Golden Times. Right now I am back east visiting my family and brother, who attends Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. I am here with my mother and brother, and a few of my brothers friends Hunter, Willi, and Kelsey. We spent a few days in Boston, and now I am with my family in Rhode Island. At this very second I am watching HBO’s John Adams with my beloved Aunt Maryann. Happy Easter!!!!


OK in AK

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008


I spent the day before leaving for Anchorage in the bathroom with the flu. Fortunately my mom helped me pack; I laid in bed and directed her on what I needed and were to find it. I really appreciated it, thank you mom, if it was not for your help, packing would have been pure torture and I probably would have lost energy and only grabbed the few essentials. Though I had a stomach pain, a head ache, and a soar shoulder (from laying on the bathroom floor), I had to be happy that I hadn’t gotten a cold instead and that I hadn’t been plagued by the bug during my travels.


World Junior Distance Races

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

The next race, two days after the sprint, was the 10k classic time trial. I was wearing bib 50 and started at 11:50, right when the sun was starting to warm things up. The snow that was icy and fast in the morning would turn to slush in the middle of my race. My first lap ended up going really well and I passed through the stadium on the edge of top 30. The second lap however was a whole other story. The snow really slowed down, my kick started slipping, and I hit the wall. At 7k I reached the longest hill in the course. It was a brutal south facing slope that never seemed to end and had tracks that resembled wet piles of slush. Actually they didn’t resemble slush, that’s exactly what it was


World Juniors Sprint

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

After the first week of training and sleeping I was getting pretty anxious to start the races. We had been skiing up at the race venue for over a week and I didn’t know how much longer I could wait. All the courses were marked and the venue was littered with advertisements, race volunteers, and the wind-blown flags of 30 countries. As the days ticked away, I grew tired of waiting for the races. I was as prepared as I was going to be for the Junior World Championships of 2008.