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Ah, the missing ski tie. Every skier knows the feeling. “I thought I put them in my pocket…” We search, then curse, then search some more, then use duct tape to get the skis linked together for the ski bag. Ski ties seem to disappear and then reappear at odd times and in odd places — like on someone else’s skis.

I don’t think too many people intentionally steal ski ties, they just have a way of getting mixed up and borrowed from time to time. My favorite rogue ski here in Fairbanks is pictured below.

Rogue ski tie

So, I have this idea about tracking a ski tie. Maybe we can put a GPS chip in a random ski tie, take it to Rumford in January, then use a web site to see how many places it travels in a season or two. I bet someone at Harvard, MIT, or MTU (or Ernie Page) could do this in a heartbeat. Might be a good senior project…




One Response to “Dude, where’s my ski tie?”

  1. cmsk Says:

    i’ve always thought it would be a great idea to have a website where you can submit the ski ties you have and where you live. A fun way to see where ski ties end up and who has yours! I’m sure someone will develop it soon.