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Jönsson’s Injury Flares Up Again, Forcing Withdrawal from Falun

Emil Jönsson (SWE) was forced to pull over to the side of the course during the semifinals of Wednesday’s classic sprint in Stockholm, Sweden when the groin injury that plagued him earlier this season flared up again. According to Aftonbladet, Jönsson stated immediately after the race that there had been warning signs Wednesday morning and again at the start of his semi — stiffness, a muscle twitch just after the gun — but he hadn’t wanted to listen to them.

On Wednesday evening the damage had been investigated, and it seems likely that Jönsson suffered a muscle tear in his right groin.   Jönsson is reportedly undergoing an MRI on Thursday to gather more details.

In order to bring this recurring injury under control, Jönsson said that he will enlist the help of Track and Field sprinters and medical experts, who deal with similar issues with “explosive muscle fibers” and have experience avoiding them.

On Thursday morning Jönsson tweeted that he wouldn’t be competing in Falun, Sweden this weekend for the end of World Cup Finals, but would be there cheering for his teammates.