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Anton Gafarov of Russia set a world record on Thursday in the 100-meter freestyle sprint at the Grand Prix “Sprint Tour” at the Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk stadium in Russia, clocking 11.72 seconds.

While the race wasn’t part of the core “Sprint Tour” series, it gave competitors a shot at topping the previous world best of 11.82 seconds, set by Norway’s Timo Andre Bakken two weeks ago.

Eighteen of 22 racers participated in the event. The 25-year-old Gafarov had the best qualifying time in 12.23, followed by teammates Alexey Petukhov (12.25) and Nikita Kriukov (12.28 ) in second and third, respectively.  Italy’s Federico Pellegrino earned the last qualifying spot in fourth (12.37).

In the final, Kriukov was 0.22 seconds off Gafarov’s record-setting time, Petukhov was third (12.17) and Pellegrino was fourth (12.19).

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