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May 2 Roundup: Kowalczyk Back After Surgery; Norway Turns Profit

Justyna Kowalczyk is back at it. According to her website, the three-time Tour de Ski champ from Poland and overall World Cup runner up resumed training on Wednesday in Ramsau, Germany, following an arthroscopic knee surgery on March 19.

“We have to start working again and finish with laziness,” said Kowalczyk’s coach, Alexander Wirietielny. “The doctors suggested Justyna to spend some more days in Warsaw but she replied she would not get ready for the World Championships at a clinic. Therefore we are leaving fro Austria as we planned.”

“I’m curious how it will look like, how my body will keep up after six weeks without any effort,” Kowalczyk said. “That’s a big question mark, but despite that I am calm. Although I know the implementation of the heavy training regime certainly won’t be easy.”

Lukas Bauer is on the mend and eager about next season, but he’s not going to jump into training too soon. The Czech Republic’s leading skier told FIS News he’s exercising again after fracturing his heel toward the end of the season. After seven weeks of being in a cast, he had the plaster removed a week and a half ago and easing into walking.

“You would not believe how much I am looking forward to going for a proper walk and a run!” Bauer said in the FIS interview. “The shuffling was killing me.”

While he’s focused on next year’s World Championships, Bauer was cautious about when he’d start training again. He hoped to be back by mid May.

— After several years of budget deficits, the financial outlook looks brighter for the Norwegian Ski Federation, which turned a profit of about $500,000 krone (about $87,000 dollars) in 2011. While relatively small for the cross-country skiing powerhouse, the surplus reflected the Federation’s first profitable year since 2006. It made 12.8 percent more than in 2010 and was up 48 percent from 2008, according to Langrenn.

— While participants in the 53 k Patrouille des Glaciers, a ski mountaineering race based in the Swiss Alps, never got a chance to tackle the second stage of the randonée competition because of unstable conditions, three men emerged as winners last weekend.

Switzerland’s Toni Livers, Martin Jäger and Lukas Huser won the event, which included both military and civilian teams. Race organizers with the Swiss Armed Forces ruled that warm overnight temperatures made the snow unstable in Arolla, Switzerland, and canceled the second stage after 417 teams started in Zermatt.




  1. highstream says:

    It’d be interesting to know exactly what Kowalczyk had done (or the doctor had to do). She’s long had knee problems and I suspect that even for an elite athlete recovery is not quick.