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May 11 Roundup: Botvinov Imprisoned for Perjury in Mayer Trial

— Mikhail Botvinov, a witness in the doping trial of Austrian ski coach Walter Mayer, has been sentenced to four months in prison for perjury according to Russian newspaper Sport Express. A local trial determined that Botvinov falsely denied that he gave blood to a laboratory in Vienna, blood that Mayer then used to help others dope between 2003 and 2006.

The Russian-born Austrian skier won two Olympic medals, a silver in the 30 k in 2002 and bronze in the 50 k in 2006. According to the article, Botvinov now has the opportunity to appeal.

Mayer, of course, was found guilty of doping offenses last August and received 15 months in prison.

— The Swedish national team has started their spring training with an unofficial camp in Riksgränsen, where there is still one meter of snow. The training camp is low key — no high intensity, and attendance is optional. The first official camp starts on May 20th in Mallorca.

“The snow conditions are very good. The grooming machine has prepared 20 km of tracks that go through a breath taking mountain terrain,” said Swedish coach Rikard Grip.

— Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR) is featured in a new book LØFT written by Sundby’s mother, psychologist Gro Johnsrud Langslet. The book discusses “solution-based approaches” to problem-solving. According to the publisher’s website, the story of Martin Johnsrud Sundby’s fight back to athletic excellence after experiencing heart problems in the fall of 2011 is highlighted throughout the book.




  1. Don Pollari says:

    botvinov’s (and meuhlegg’s) Birkie titles should be annulled.