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Exploring Bozeman

By Erin Bianco

Image and video hosting by TinyPicGoing into our third week of training Nordic Team Collegiate has been able to explore some amazing parts of Bozeman. One of my favorite workouts from the past week was a double pole rollerski up to Hyalite Reservoir. We skied up a narrow road beside the river working on double pole and double pole kick. The view at the top was definitely worth it!

For the Friday on your own workout, I went for a beautiful trail run with Renae Anderson, a skier for Bowdoin college. We started in the pouring rain and ended in the bright sunshine. It was a great opportunity to explore the many trails around Bozeman.
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In addition to these workouts we had a heavy week of lifting focusing on all parts of the body including core, leg strength, and upper body strength. Mountain Project is a great gym for our strength programs. Andy and my teammates always makes these afternoons full of hard work but also fun.
This week is an easy week with less hours of training with the Jim Bridger 10 mile trail run race to finish it off on Saturday morning. This is an event that many of the collegiate athletes will participate in and I think it will be a fun and challenging day all around! Very excited for more training and adventures in Montana over the following weeks!

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Big Week

By Greg Burt With the second week of NTC training underway, the team was in for a big week of intervals and long distance workouts. Starting where Olivia left off, Thursday started with a scenic distance double pole up Hylite Road. This road started off gradual and stayed at a fairly consistent grade up to the top. This took about an hour and a half to ski to the top, then came the long ripping downhill that took the remainder of the two hours to complete. In the afternoon, Conor, Elliot and I went for a short jog around the MSU campus just to shake the legs out.   Friday was a double OYO training day, which left a lot of opportunity for the boys to go out for a long shred on the saddle. First we went for an hour long run around the Bozeman bike paths scoping out…

Small Feats

By Olivia Skillings After a well-deserved rest day, the team met up for some classic speeds to kick start our high volume week of training. We had our second session of the day and enjoyed a lovely run up the M-Trail, which turned into more of a hike. With this afternoon workout came spectacular views of downtown Bozeman and fields of wild flowers covering the nearby mountains. These landmarks acted as distractions from the 80 degree heat and the uphill pounding of my sore muscles. On Wednesday morning we enjoyed some L3 skate intervals. The guys aimed for 40 minutes of on time and the girls shot for around 30 minutes. I was somewhat dreading this workout because I don’t particularly enjoy skate roller skiing, however, I was pleasantly surprised with how I felt during the interval session-maybe I will change my mind about skate roller skiing in the future:)!…

Lactate Tests and Snowy Bounding

By Nicholas Matelich,  First week of Nordic Team Solutions collegiate training in the books. Everyone on the team is getting settled into Bozeman and it’s a Gucci goofy gang! Pretty great people. Picking up where Sadie Peterson left off in last week’s blog, Friday found us doing a Lactate test in the pouring rain, in the Bozeman mountains. Personally, my testing started out with some Level 1 consistent skiing, ramping up to Level 4. The purpose of the test was to determine the level of lactate build up at each heart rate interval as well as to show us what heart rate intervals to hit in future workouts. The workout was exhausting but also satisfying and rewarding to be ski in the rain and test alongside coach Andy. Saturday was just as exciting as Friday.  In fact, even more exciting because it snowed 8 inches-and it was June 8th-and we got to…

TT’s and Pounding Pavement

By Sadie Peterson A group of college athletes based out of Maine to Minnesota to Colorado, and a few states in between, all traveled to Bozeman, Montana for a summer of training. We broke the ice over team dinner on Monday night and listened to Coach Andy lay out the general plan for the next eight weeks ahead. We are all stoked for a solid summer of training and exploring of the Bozeman area. The first morning of training started off with a quick jog to get the blood flowing, followed by a plyometric warm up to get our muscles ready for a speed roller ski session. We swapped shoes for ski boots and hopped on the pavement for an easy skate warm up before some V2 transition to V1 speeds, followed by some fast flat V2/V2 alternate speeds. On the uphill speeds we focused on quick and powerful movements…

Introducing NTC!

By Andy Newell  I’m excited to announce that we have officially started Nordic Team Collegiate training here in Bozeman, MT! NTC is a summer training group made up of 13 athletes: Emma Tarbath – MSU Olivia Skillings – Bates Sadie Peterson – Wisconsin BG Erin Bianco – Colby Marin Coletta – Colby Anna Fake – MSU Ezra Smith – CU Conor Munns – UVM Greg Burt – UVM Foss Kerker – Colby Elliot Ketchel – Bowdin Nick Matelich – St. Scolastica Andrew Meyer – UNH   My gaol in creating this program was to give college aged athletes an opportunity to come together and experience high level training during the summer months. Create a team atmosphere with athletes from all over the country who can help push each other, learn from one another, and have a blast training together for 8 week! In a lot of ways it’s a ‘training…

Norway Update

Read about my racing trip to Norway on the SMS Elite team blog! Andy’s Norway Update

New Zealand Myth Busters

I’ve been coming down to the Snow Farm for a lot of years and people are always asking me questions about this magical place down under. How long does it take to get here? whats the weather like? how about the food? The snow? The people? …. It really is a mysterious place that is so different than anywhere in North America it’s understandable why folks have so many questions. Thats why it’s fun to play the New Zealand Myth Busters game!                (photo: a few from the Snow farm parking lot) Myth 1: Their Winter is our Summer?  TRUE: New Zealand is pretty far south in the Southern Hemisphere so although New Zealand is in very close proximity to tropical Polynesian island that make you think palm trees and beaches New Zealand actually has a pretty decent winter up in the mountains. The…

waves, camps, and intervals: Stratton Update

Upon returning from Norway I didn’t waste any time enjoying a little break from serious training and relaxing with Erika. Since I left for Norway just after our recent engagement we planned on taking a few days away from Stratton to go up to the beach up in Maine. It’s a little bit of a drive to get up to the Portland area, but we enjoy the laid back scene of surfing small waves at Higgins Beach, and we were lucky enough to have some friends let us stay at their house up on Orr’s Island. I’ve never spent much time out on those small lobster town islands of Maine and it was a cool scene to paddle out among the islands and do some sight seeing. Surfing some big foamies is the best way to enjoy 2 foot waves! Erika checking out a mini island we decided to paddle…

Lillehammer Update

It has been many years since I’ve missed any US Ski Team training camps, but this July it was time for me to do something a little different. Last Wednesday when the rest of the US Ski Team flew out to Alaska, I took off in the other direction to Oslo Norway. I always look forward to our team training camps and the feeling of waking up every day for 2 weeks with the single goal of getting fitter and pushing one another. It was a shame to miss out on Alaska dry land training and Eagle glacier but if my personal goal is to become one of the best double-polers in the world, I needed to learn from the best. My Scandinavian training camp was almost over before it began. I was hoping to join the National Team for some training but through talking with a lot of my…