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I’m back in VT! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get an update in… I’ve made my way from New Zealand to Vermont and this past week has been crazy busy. There always seems to be a ton of stuff to get done after you’ve been on the road so long, and since I haven’t been home since the middle of June this past weeks has been intense.

After the long travel from New Zealand to the states I was pretty stoked to make it back home. For the past few years I’ve been splitting up the travel by having a stop in Utah on the way back form camp. It’s a good way to avoid spending two nights in a row on an airplane, and I get to hang out with Jess for a night or two in Park City. Once I made it back to the Green Mountains I chilled and trained at home for 2 days before heading up north to the Kingdom for the NENSA GG clinic.

90 degrees and sunny in the Kingdom is pretty epic so we had some great weather for the clinic and a few days of training. We held the clinic at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center and I was impressed with the situation they have going on there. I can’t remember ever staying there in the Summer until last weekend, but it’s awesome. Pepa and the Green team have a solid program going, and rollerskiing and running terrain kick ass. During the weekend I was able to train with the Green team one morning and ski twice with the coaches that were in town for the GG clinic so I think it was a pretty productive weekend despite the 100 percent humidity that made us jump in the lake several times a day.

Now I’m back in the SoVT and I got a chance to train at Stratton this morning and hammer out some level 4 intervals. Again the heat was brutal but it felt good to go hard at sea level. There are about 50 BKYSL youngsters staying at SMS right now for summer camps so there is XC action going on everywhere. I was stoked this morning because I was doing intervals up the hill that the school is on and a bunch of the kids came to the side of the road to cheer as I came by for an interval. That was really cool.  Later in the day I had a little talk with kids and ran through some of the drills that everyone does on roller skis. That was the big theme of the day…. even world cup skiers have to do drills on roller skis. it’s true I’ve seen it. Tomorrow we’re meeting back up at SMS with BKLeaguers for an OD roller ski around Stratton and a run back over the top. With the heat we might see a few bonks from the little guys.

I left my camera cord in Utah so I haven’t been able to take any pictures off my camera, so I’ll post this one instead. Because it’s an awesome picture and cavedave is my hero. Seriously