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Christmas Blog

When we are so wrapped up in the racing here in Europe I think it’s pretty easy for Christmas to sneak up on you. Some people think that’s strange but a lot of us have been traveling the World Cup for a long that time so spending Christmas with the team over in Europe is just a normal gig by now.

Usually Christmas week involves a little bit of road tripping. This year we ended our last period 1 World Cup race in Toblach Italy and planned to drive back to Davos for the 10 days before the start of the Tour De Ski. Luckily it’s not too far… at least on a map… but often those small Italian and Swiss roads can be deceivingly slow.


Leaving the Toblach World Cup venue back to Davos.


Driving over some of the passes you would think there is a lot of snow… .unfortunately it’s all up in the mountains and not down on the xc trails.


I THINK we’ll fit?? sometimes driving in parts of Central Europe can be stressful. Instead of taking the twisty roads over the mountain passes on our way back to Switzerland we opted for the autobahn rout. Which took al least an extra hour but it saved a lot of our happy Christmas crew from getting car sick. We took turns driving back to Switzerland, stopping in Innsbruck Austria for a big grocery run. We are on our own dime for our ‘Christmas training camps’ so we decided to take advantage of our road trip and save on some food prices.


Picking up a weeks worth of food at the InterSpar. Prices are pretty steep in Davos so we try to buy as little as possible in town.

Although the Kulm Hotel is our home here in Davos as a group we decided it would be more fun to spend christmas outside of a Hotel. Finding an affordable apartment in town can be tough especially during the Christmas and New Year time but Jessie nailed down a sweet 3 bedroom place right near town, which ended up being cheaper than staying in a hotel for the week.


We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the apartment on Monday night to find it had a very ‘Homey’ feel and was already decked out in Christmas decorations. A perfect break from the hotel life. We have spent the last few days cooking great meals for dinner and trying to relax from the stress of the World Cup. Our place is right on the ski trails directly in town which makes getting around easy. Unfortunately there is not enough snow to ski from our door, since there is virtually no natural snow here, just the mane made race loops.


For the next 6 days we will get a decent amount of training in. Although Christmas is a break from racing it’s also one of the few times of year we have the luxury of being able to get in a little training. We always like to go out for some nice group cruises. Getting together with a lot of the other homeless World Cup skiers has become another part of our Christmas traditions. We will have some Canadian and Norwegian friends in town to celebrate with and it has become customs to go to Jurg Capols house for Christmas Eve dinner. Jurg is the Nordic director for FIS and lives just 45 minutes from Davos… It’s incredibly generous for him and his family to invite the team over every year.


Of course we are missing our own friends and family back home but we will be just fine as a team here in Davos. Our break is short lived since we will start the Tour De Ski on the 1st of January. Great way to ring in the New Year!