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Central Europe update!

Since the end of the Tour de Ski things haven’t slowed down a bit here on the road. Ok, maybe they slowed down for a few days… (post tour I took a few super easy days off from training), but then jumping back into hard workouts again in order to prepare for the next World cup races. I wrapped up the Tour de Ski in Toblach and spent those two days relaxing and hanging out at the Hotel Dolomiten. Taking easy days on the road in Europe can always be a little boring but those few days in Toblach were especially restless since I was awaiting the arrival of Erika!


But she finally got here and it was worth the wait. It can be pretty difficult to coordinate travel schedules since we are both spending the winter racing, but it worked out for Erika to come over to a week meeting me here in Toblach. Although it was only a week, we made the most of it.


There were several other US Ski teamers staying in Toblach for those few days so it was a fun chance to do some skiing together, and get the body feeling sharp again after so much back to back racing during the Tour de Ski. Erika and I headed out on a long DP workout and enjoyed the Italian sunshine. Considering how slim the snow is in most of Central Europe Toblach is a pretty good place to be since they have the normal 5k race trails groomed and tons of other more rolling trails groomed for their many marathon races in the area. The amount of man made snow they can spread out is pretty impressive.


It’s funny how being on the road with the same people all the time can make you fall into the typical routines, but when you throw in some new faces it can help everyone branch out and explore the area more. We did our best to embrace the Italian lifestyle eating great food, hanging out in the sun, and having afternoon cappuccinos while checking out some new scenery around Tobalch. With all the workouts we were doing it still felt like a training camp but we were having a lot of fun which was a perfect break from the typical Word Cup week.

The racing doesn’t stop for very long after the Tour de Ski, in fact that next Thursday we departed Italy and had a pretty short 2.5 hour drive over to Slovenia where the sprint only weekend would take place with a skate sprint and a sprint relay. IMG_2807

The courses there were super fast and twisty and fun and although my results still weren’t up to where I would like them to be, I felt better skate sprinting than I have in the previous 2 skate sprints. I’m still trying to play around with some technical changes which will help me ski with a little bit more power and help me accelerate more toward the end of a sprint. I’m excited to keep working on these changes and see how things progress. The sprint relay day went a little bit better for Simi and I than the individual day and it was as always a wind, crazy, and fun event.

The course was super narrow and fast in places which made it hectic for the sprint relay but we tend to like action packed races like that. In our semi final I think we both felt really good and were able to qualify easy enough for the final. In the final our tags got a little sloppy which made us fight a little more at the back, (and in the end a DSQ) but it was still a fun day. It was especially awesome having Erika there for a Word Cup weekend in a sweet new venue that we hadn’t raced at before



off the race trails there was very little snow so the day after the race we all decided to take a break from skate skiing and take off on an adventure run! And of course since Erika was there it made it way more fun to get out of the hotel and explore the area some more. Planica had some of the coolest mountains we had ever seen.





Unfortunately Erika’s stay went by too quickly and it was time to go our separate ways again on Tuesday. In fact a lot of the US skiers that are over here headed out in some different directions. Erika had to get home to race some super tours, most of the Planica crew made the big drive to Czech, but Reese and I had planned on skipping the Nove Mesto World Cup distance weekend in order to ski the Dolomiten sprint and the Dolomotenlauf 42k! So we loaded up a car and made the quick drive to Obertiliach Austria where we will be through the weekend.



Obertiliach is a small town with great skiing. The first race will be on Friday night downtown in the bigger city of Lienz which is a little bit of a drive from here. Then on Saturday morning I will be racing the 42k world loppet Dolomiten classic. I’ve never done a race like this so I don’t really know what to expect but I’m excited for the opportunity and the great double pole training it will be! This will for sure be the race with the most competitors I have ever raced in. It will be cool to race with thousands of other people. It’s hard not to really enjoy life here in Central Europe with some of the epic places we have been skiing the past few weeks.