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Back on the Blog

Yeah I know it’s been while but the beginning of the training year is a busy time. So here’s a quick catch up:

Bend was awesome as usual! This year the snow base was deep enough for us to hold our training camp at the usual time and we spent a full 2 weeks getting in some quality early season ski training. I tried to keep the first two weeks of the training year super chill with low hours so that by the time I got to Bend I could really capitalize on some bigger hours. It’s really easy to settle into a great training routine there, waking up early to get on snow in the morning and going for long bike rides and runs in the afternoon. Racking up the big training hours is usually no problem at all.

Andy Newell Ski

We even got a crust ski this year! As a mens team we summited Broken Top which required a lot of up hill skiing, which turned into steep herringbone, which turned into complete side stepping by the top. But the way down was definitely worth it.

Andy Newell skier


we saw a little bit of everything for training conditions. On the best days we would show up at 8am and the snow would be super fast for the first hour or so. On some days it would get warm enough that the tracks would slow down considerably but the snow stayed pretty clean. We even saw a little bit of snow. Most days on snow consisted of long easy skiing while working on technique and soaking up the sun.

After two weeks and logging more than 45 hours of training I started to get a little tired but most of all it felt good to get back into training after a long spring break. On the way home we few into Boston and spent the night with Natalie Flowers on Beacon Hill. I’m not the biggest fan of the cities usually…. just too many people. But as it turns out on Memorial day weekend most of the city peeps drive up into the country so Boston was pretty deserted and there was no traffic or crowds! We had a great dinner up on the rooftops.


Erika, Jessie, and I drove back to Stratton the next day after a morning run along the Charles. Since we had just wrapped up a long training camp we got to relax a little bit on Memorial day weekend and then settled back into Vermont life. It ended up being a pretty busy week, despite the low training hours I was running around enjoying the start of summer, fishing, and getting out on a few rollerskis.

Friday night I was lucky enough to get the amazing opportunity and honor of being the opening ceremonies speaker at the Special Olympics of Vermont! Union Mutual of Vermont is a partner of mine and we saw this as a great opportunity to support the Special Olympics. Union Mutual was the main sponsor of the event and I got the opportunity to meet some inspiring athletes and people.

I knew I had to give an 8-10 minute speech but what I didn’t know was that joining me on stage were some tough acts to follow including Senator Leahy, who was in charge of lighting the torch and officially announcing the start of the Games. It was a bit nerve racking but I thin the speech went well.

Andy Newell with Leahy

This was my first time attending a Special Olympics and I was blown away by the energy and sportsmanship but also at the ability of some of the athletes. Erika and I were based at the Athlete village hang out but we took a trip out to the track to watch some of the events. The sprinting events on the track were super fun to watch and extremely fast and competitive.


Now that the easy week is over the whole SMS crew is back together here at Stratton and our summer training schedule has officially begun. Today we had out first true team workout and I went out to ski some L3 intervals with Ben and Simi. As usual there is going to be a strong group for training here at SMS throughout the summer and I’m looking forward to the next month. Erika and I just moved into our apartment here in the Stratton village so it feels like summer is really here.