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waves, camps, and intervals: Stratton Update

Upon returning from Norway I didn’t waste any time enjoying a little break from serious training and relaxing with Erika. Since I left for Norway just after our recent engagement we planned on taking a few days away from Stratton to go up to the beach up in Maine. It’s a little bit of a drive to get up to the Portland area, but we enjoy the laid back scene of surfing small waves at Higgins Beach, and we were lucky enough to have some friends let us stay at their house up on Orr’s Island. I’ve never spent much time out on those small lobster town islands of Maine and it was a cool scene to paddle out among the islands and do some sight seeing.


Surfing some big foamies is the best way to enjoy 2 foot waves!

IMG_3281Erika checking out a mini island we decided to paddle out to and explore


After a few down days and some ‘beach cross training’ we headed back to Stratton for a busy week of training and helping with the SMS BKL and junior camps. It’s really incredible to see how much the SMS camps have progressed over the years and it’s pretty special for me to help with them since they are one of the biggest reasons I started training for skiing as a kid. I can remember coming up from Shaftsbury to SMS for the training camps in the summer as a 12 and 13 year old. I learned how to train for skiing, how to rollerski, and was inspired to then attend SMS for skiing.


Working with the ‘older’ BKL kids on some cornering technique. It was another great year for the SMS camps with nearly 50 youngsters and over 50 juniors attending the camps.. along with a Swedish Junior group. We spent a few days working on technique, talking training, and hanging out with the kids.


Just because it was junior camp didn’t mean it wasn’t a big week of training either! I decided to jump in the uphill running time trial for the week along with Paddy Caldwell. It was a fun, super hot, super humid, sweat fest of a hard effort… but a good chance for Paddy and I to push each other to the finish. Paddy got the victory by 2 seconds:)


Thanks to PodiumWear for our kick ass new uniforms!

Along with some of the camp workouts I was adding in a lot of my own training, especially my own intensity. Since the few weeks in Norway had a big volume and distance training focus the past two weeks here in Stratton I have been trying to work more in intervals before heading to New Zealand. The week has consisted of 5 intensity sessions including the uphill run, L4 Classic, L3 Skating, and L4 double poling. It has been a cool learning experience figuring out how to do 5 interval session in a week and finding the balance between the right combination of threshold, controlled L4, and all out L4 pacing.

IMG_3847After a hard week of training it was time for another BBQ night at the cabin in Weston. Erika enjoying the view of Stratton from the newly cleared land next to the cabin.

Although the camps are over the Swedish junior group is still in town so they have been joining the SMS team for a lot of workouts. Today we headed out for a rainy long distance ski down in Manchester and tomorrow we will all be bounding up the mountain with our typical L3 ski walking interval day. Going to be a solid finish to a tough week of training with more L4 intervals scheduled on Saturday. The good news is there is no lack of motivation around here especially with all the kick ass performances by team USA so far in Rio. So you know what I’ll be doing in between interval sessions! GO USA!






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    waves, camps, and intervals: Stratton Update