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Master Glacier Camp

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Master’s On-Snow Summer Training Camp in Alaska

The Thomas Training Center on Eagle glacier is proud to welcome Master skiers to a 5-day on-snow camp.

The dates for the camp will be July 26-30.  Cost is $1050 per person.  Cost includes camp fees, coaching fees, lodging and meals for 5 days during the camp.

Lodging during the camp will be at the Thomas Training Center, which is a fully equipped training facility on the edge of Eagle Glacier.  The facility can house up to 22 participants and has electricity, running water, hot water, showers, fully functional men’s and women’s restrooms, a full sized kitchen, bunk rooms, two living areas with 1 tv for recreation and video analysis of technique, a weight set, a drying room and a wax bunker for ski work

The Pisten Bully groomed ski trails begin approx. 100-200 meters from the front door of the facility, and include 7.5km of groomed trails on variable terrain to accommodate different training needs.  Coaching for the camp will be by Erik Flora, coach of World Championship Silver Medalist Kikkan Randall, and APU’s head wax tech Casey Fagerquist.

Sign up closes Friday July 2nd.

For more information, please contact Casey Fagerquist:



Month 3

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Month 3

1 Mountain race

1 Test Period

1 Glacier Camp

Many new experiences


Each year we pick a handful of races to participate in the summer. It is a good opportunity to refine race skills, get a hard training, and have fun. June in AK is a great Mt running race month. One of the best is the Robert Spurr Memorial Hill Climb on Bird Ridge. This year our program had a great showing with winning both the Men’s and Women’s overall categories, Eric Strabel and Holly Brooks, plus have a handful in the top ten and both strong Master and Junior competitors. It is really fun to see as our juniors are starting to work their way into the senior field!

Test Period…This is our 3rd measure of the training year. We measure in the field on roller skis aerobic and anaerobic progress. For both tests, time and lactate are measured. In 5 years, we have over 900 data points across 35 athletes. We also have a body status check that helps confirm appropriate training load. We will post more after the tests are done! I always start our test “This is not to see if we have a pass-fail, but more in, what have we accomplished in the last period of training.” It is my belief that as we train, we should train “with” the body, but take careful note to see what training does. This way we can help steer the training process.

Glacier Camp…Our second glacier camp of the summer is on its way. This camp…more KM’s and a little more intensity. More as we get closer…

Oh yeah…New experiences…The last two weeks Kikkan spent time training some of the top Norwegians. Kikkan has been on Eagle Glacier for about 10 years, this year was a time for a change of scenery, so she stopped in and trained on Sognefjell in Norway. It was pretty fun to see that the Norwegians use the same glacier start camp time as we do and sounds like Kikkan had some really good training.

Here are some pictures…

Kikkan training in Norway post glacier skiing

Fast company...Kikkan trained several sessions with Bjorgen and Elle Gjomle. Amazing to me to see the openness and camaraderie in the ski world between athletes of different National teams. It is a great sport. I was really excited for Kikkan.

Coach Strabel taking the overall on Bird. Easy to see Eric was one of our top athletes. Here he has transitioned his extremely high anaerobic power to aerobic power through hard work and methodical distance training. Bird is a test of threshold.

Holly Brooks stormed Bird winning the women's overall. Easy to see Holly is fit and really tough. I wish I had a mt running picture, but instead a picture from the previous week in camp where she logged big volume at 4 hrs day...With not much of it easy.

It has been loyal, but it is tired and ready for some recovery. We are raising money for a new PistenBully for Eagle. We have been replacing one part at a time. This time another hose needs to be replaced, actually 6 hoses. This PB has over 25 years in service. We are 75% of the way there! I can't wait to make the final push. I would love to get a replacement up to camp this summer so we can focus more on coaching. Let us know if you are interested in helping.

Our next wave of skiers! This week the Devo and Junior programs were in camp. "Death camp" as it has become known. Great to see they finished the week strong with great racing on Bird.

Forest, one of our top juniors, trained about 40 hours in 2 weeks between Eagle camp and Death Camp, then finished it off by out running many seniors on Bird. Really fun to see.

Don Haering on Bird...Over 6 minutes off his PR in a 44 minute race. Impressive. It is becoming a common thread in our program...Train hard, train well, be patient, go faster. Congrats Don!


glacier camp wrap up

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Our first Team camp ended well. This was perhaps the strongest “team” camp we have had. Total volume ranged from 20 to 28 hours in the week with 2 L4 interval sets, 2 speed sessions, 1 strength, lots of km’s skied, and a championship game of Speed Ball. My biggest impression is that as a group we are more durable than we have been. It has taken 4 years of building base and aerobic capacity to get here. This year it looks like we are stepping to another level.

Here are a bunch of pictures, enjoy

E.Klaar climbing the south loop. This week a big step in skate efficiency with forward body position. Fun.

Mark Iverson training record km's this week. In between sessions keeping up with body work. Better recovery leads to better training.

It was good skiing.

Coaches working hard and helping by offering breakfast. Here Casey Fagerquist cooks up a hearty breakfast. As a staff we are doing what we can to make training effective.

Top of the South loop and 8 minute intervals. The girls team threw down some strong skiing.

Fitz (Kate Fitzgerald) in her 5th year at the glacier. Known for her tough training and straight forward approach. Kate was on the 2010 U23 WC team. (also known for taking the last cup of coffee, when Erik is next in line)

Weather rolling over the glacier...Beautiful and definitely Alaska.

Fitz enjoying the packed powder

Tazlina Mannix and Morgan Smyth working together. My favorite..."Stronger as a team". This way you can see where you are gaining and what you need to work on.

Katie Ronsse is sharpening her glacier know how. At her finger tip is a 150 ft Nunatak. The athletes at camp gain ski time and glacier experience. Real fun.

Student-Athletes...One of the best we have is an opportunity to train hard while working on our academics. At APU a full time student is able to take course load over 12 months so course load is light during critical fall and winter months. Our goal is to optimize training and academics.

Video. We focus our technique work to glacier camps. This gives us an opportunity to work on technique long before competition. Here in the picture lunch is wrapping up and a thorough technique session is getting rolling. This camps focus is position and impulse.

Good training. Good smiles. Training hard is fun.

A great camp. Taz Mannix at the end of her L4 session.

Swix VM...The Best glacier klister. James Southam tearing it up on the South loop.

Don Haering always enjoying the skiing and working hard. Here he leads Forest one of up and coming juniors. Both had big camps and skied really strong through the finish of camp. One more brick for a strong aerobic foundation.

Celebration. It was a great camp. By far the strongest I have seen our team. Everyone skied well this camp. I am excited for next month.


Glacier update 1

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

We are in our first team camp of the summer. The focus is distance and classic skiing. Monday and Tuesday athletes ranged from 3 to 4.5 hrs a day. Monday we started with a L2 skate in the AM and L2 classic in the PM. Tuesday AM L1-2 skate with speed and PM L2 classic. The speed was really effective. We simulated a fast turn into V2 overspeed with transition to mimic terrain similar to Oslo courses. This summer Team athletes will put in 70-80 hours of on snow time in June-July-Aug. Here are a few pictures…

First glacier camp! Junior Celia Haering having a great start.

Katie Ronsse and new APU skier Morgan Smyth climbing on the East Hill.

Taz Mannix building speed!

James Southam building a foundation of aerobic training.

Conditions on the glacier vary from hard pack skating in the morning to spring slush...The spring slush looks just like the Vancouver Olympics...I feel it is critical to spend many thousand kilometers training in the conditions we will race. Eagle is for klister:) Here Holly Brooks covering the k's dialing in here soft snow skiing.

Patrick Johnson in his first team camp. This is going to be fun.

Training is good. Great to have a second "Vermont'er" on the team.

The Thomas Training Center is an important resource for our team, AK, and the US. Athletes train hard, coaches work hard to coach and groom. Here Casey Fagerquist and Erik Flora enjoy a cup of coffee after getting the course ready.

When we are on the glacier at the first camp, I am always really fired up. I am proud of all my skiers and their accomplishments. I can see we can do well internationally. This is what it takes…Training to be a skier.

Train hard, have fun!



Summer Training…

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I love the saying “Skiers are made in the summer”…Here are a few pictures from this week

APU Women's Team building aerobic fitness 30 min effort L3. This was one of two intensity sessions this week. It is fun to watch as both technique and fitness are starting to make the first summer improvements.

Bart Dengel at the glacier...In a week the snow went from over his head to at his knees...It has been hot in AK! Bart dug this hole with a shovel. Great core strength and mobility training.

Next week we have our first "Team" camp on Eagle Glacier. The focus is classic skiing and distance. I will post more as we get closer. Stay tuned!