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AK life

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

September has been a good month of training. Our athletes look to be in a good place with a good aerobic base and an increase in power. With a home base of Anchorage, we are able to take advantage of sea level conditions and move fast. This next period most of our team will be in Anchorage, while a few of our team will be in Park City (James Southam, Kikkan, and Katie Ronsse) taking advantage of an altitude block entering into Period 1 racing. Here are some pictures from the month, a glimpse of AK life…Enjoy!

Men's field racing out of the stadium in the Annual Kincaid Stampede for 10 km of double poling.

Alaska fall is a great time for berries. It is going to be a good winter with nearly 5 gallons of lingon berries!!

Kincaid Stamped 5 km winners (Tie for first!) Holly Brooks and Kasandra Rice

The bears are getting ready to sleep, here in the picture a few claws and with a heavy frost

Kincaid Stampede men's finish, first place APU new recruit Reese Hanneman

Working on our leg skills. Skate jumps are one of the best!

In the picture Coach Dylan Watts along with Coach Erik Flora harvest ~700 lbs of moose to eat for the winter. It is a great land.

The grand finale, our team all dressed up for the investiture of APU's new president and avid skier Dr. Don Bantz. Congratulations!!



Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

September is my favorite time of the year. Cool fall weather, tundra turning red and the anticipation of racing, plus a good dose of hard training. This month our focus has been power. We started the month with a block of intervals, now speed is starting to show. It is simple process, train hard, get faster. Below is video of mid-week session:

Women’s team video includes Kikkan Randall, Holly Brooks, Morgan Smyth, Sadie Bjornsen, Kasandra Rice , Kalysta Schmidt, Kinsey Loan, Taz Mannix, Greta Anderson, and Erika Klaar of the famous E’Klaar headgear line. Men’s video includes Mark Iverson, Reese Hanneman, Dylan Watts, Bart Dengel, Pete Kling, Patrick Johnson, Erin Phillips, and Bobby “the Killer” Miller.

We are only 3-4 weeks away from skiing!!!

Hatcher Pass