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Sachenbacher-Stehle Retires

After all that, and getting her name cleared, German skier-turned-biathlete Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle has decided to end her career as an athlete.

The Olympic gold medalist in the 2010 team sprint tested positive for a banned stimulant at the 2014 Games, and was barred from competing for two years. The Court of Arbitration for Sport recently ruled that excessive, and reduced her sentence to six months. She had already served that time, so would have been free to compete this season.

“I’m missing three months of training,” Sachenbacher-Stehle told German broadcaster ARD in an exclusive interview. “The past few months have cost me a lot of strength. People haven’t always treated me very well, either…. “If I had known this back in May, things would have surely been different. My decision would have been much different, but now it’s November and too late for this season, and that’s why my decision went the way it did.”






  1. Just hoping Mr. EpokeEdsbyn would have additional sage and cough medicine inspired comments on this situation.

  2. Martin Hall says:


  3. highstream says:

    Too bad, but entirely understandable with time lost and lots of moralist creeps out there.

  4. skijumper says:

    bummer she is hot

  5. Tim Kelley says:

    Yeah, right. Play the victim. Blame it on everyone else. If you truly believed were innocent it shouldn’t have affected your training.