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Taschler Steps Down as IBU VP After Doping Allegations

Gottleib Taschler, an Italian who serves as the Vice President for Sport for the International Biathlon Union (IBU), has announced that he is temporarily stepping down from his post until doping allegations against his son, Daniel, are cleared up. Wire taps as part of the investigation into notorious doping doctor Michele Ferrari depicted Daniel Taschler obtaining EPO in a bid to make the World Cup. Gottlieb Taschler is accused of facilitating the interaction.

The IBU released the following statement:

This morning Gottlieb TASCHLER sent a personal written statement to the IBU Executive Board, which states the following:

‘I have been shocked by the recent media reports alleging that I have been involved in doping and, even worse, that I have helped to organize performance enhancing substances for my son Daniel.

This is simply not true; I will offer my full assistance in clearing up these massive accusations which put both me and my son’s integrity at risk. To start with, I will ask officially for insight into the report mentioned by the media. I will then fully cooperate with the Italian authorities, FISI, and other relevant bodies to help clarify the situation.

In order to protect the sport of biathlon and the good governance of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), I will temporarily suspend all my current roles within the IBU. This is my personal decision; effective immediately and to remain in effect until these serious accusations are proven invalid.’


The IBU takes notice of this decision by Gottlieb TASCHLER”