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Biathlon Canada Finalizes World Cup/IBU Cup Teams

On Friday, three Canadian men and two women punched their tickets to start this season on the International Biathlon Union (IBU) World Cup, after the second race of Biathlon Canada’s team trials at the Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore, Alberta.

While Nathan Smith and Rosanna Crawford won the men’s 10-kilometer and women’s 7.5 k sprint on Friday, respectively, the two national-team members were already prequalified for the first World Cup trimester. So was Brendan Green, who placed second, 10 seconds off Smith’s winning time of 31:44.3.

But it was the men’s third- and fourth-place finishers, Christian Gow and Macx Davies, who earned two of the remaining three spots on the World Cup team, with Gow finishing 13.1 seconds back in third and Davies placing fourth (+17.1).

None of the 19 men who finished shot clean during the two-stage race; Smith missed four targets, and Green had three penalties. Both Gow and Davies had a single miss.

Scott Gow, who placed eighth (+1:33.6), also made the World Cup team for Period 1.

Matt Neumann, Pearce Hanna, Scott Perras, and Carsen Campbell finished fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth, respectively, to secure their spot on the IBU Cup men’s team.

While Crawford and Megan Tandy (formerly Heinicke) were prequalified for the women’s World Cup team, Zina Kocher and Julia Ransom were also nominated on Friday. Kocher placed third, 52.6 seconds behind Crawford, who won the sprint in 26:53.3 with a single miss. Ransom was fourth (+1:02.3), with two penalties. Kocher had three misses and finished 15 seconds behind Emma Lunder, who was second on Friday with two penalties.

Lunder, who ended up 37.6 seconds off Crawford’s winning time, was named to the IBU Cup team, along with Audrey Vaillancourt, Sarah Beaudry, Erin Yungblut, and Leilani Tam von Burg. According to Biathlon Canada’s team announcement, Yungblut declined her selection to the team.

Vaillancourt placed fifth on Friday, Beaudry was sixth, Yungblut seventh, and Tam von Burg eighth out of 10 women.

Friday’s 7.5/10 k sprint results

Tuesday’s 7.5 k/10 k individual results

Canada’s Trimester 1 Teams:

World Cup men

  1. Nathan Smith***
  2. Brendan Green***
  3. Christian Gow
  4. Macx Davies
  5. Scott Gow

World Cup women

  1. Rosanna Crawford***
  2. Megan Tandy***
  3. Zina Kocher
  4. Julia Ransom

***pre-selected based on performances from last season

IBU Cup men

  1. Matthew Neumann
  2. Pearce Hanna
  3. Scott Perras
  4. Carsen Campbell

IBU Cup women

  1. Emma Lunder
  2. Audrey Vaillancourt
  3. Sarah Beaudry
  4. Erin Yungblut**
  5. Leilani Tam von Burg

** declined selection