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Canadian Biathlon Nationals Kick Off in Valcartier

Canadian national championships for biathlon kicked off in Valcartier, Quebec, on Wednesday, with national team veteran Scott Perras earning a national title in the 10 k sprint. With a single penalty over two shooting bouts, Perras held off Christian Gow – newly returned from World Championships in Oslo, where he earned relay bronze with the rest of the Canadian team – by 25.4 seconds, thanks in part to Gow’s two penalties. Also with a single penalty, Matthew Neumann finished third, +1:22.7.

In the junior men’s sprint of the same distance, Aidan Millar earned a 19.4-second win over Pearce Hanna despite three missed shots to Hanna’s one. In the youth men’s 7.5 k sprint, Adam Runnals won by 40.4 seconds over Ben Churchill, likewise with three penalties to Churchill’s one.

In the afternoon the women hit the course with Emma Lunder claiming the 7.5 k sprint crown. Lunder had three penalties, but was able to best Audrey Vaillancourt, who had just two, by 35.9 seconds. Fresh off the plane from World Championships, Sarah Beaudry placed third with three penalties.

Leilani Tam Von Burg topped the junior women’s field by a whopping 3:49.1 – yes that’s almost four minutes – with one penalty to runner-up Kendall Chong‘s four. In the youth women’s 6 k sprint, Megan Bankes claimed a 1:03.6 win over Sarah Poisson-Gregoire, despite four when Poisson-Gregoire shot clean.

On Thursday, it was Gow who turned in near-perfect shooting, missing just one of his 20 shots in the 12.5 k pursuit. With Perras collecting three penalties, the young Albertan cruised past his older teammate and took a 48.9-second win. Carsen Campbell passed Neumann to claim third, having just two penalties to Neumann’s seven.

In the junior men’s field, Matt Strum claimed the win despite four penalties, taking a 22.5-second win over Alexandre Dupuis. In the youth men’s 10 k, Runnals doubled up after surviving a challenge by Teo Sanchez, who climbed up from fifth to finish second, +5.9.

In the women’s 7.5 k pursuit, Lunder and Beaudry each shot a single penalty, but Lunder – starting in bib one – claimed the win by 32.3 seconds. With two misses in the final stage, Vaillancourt fell to third, +2:56.2.

For the junior women, Tam Von Burg missed a painful eight shots, including three in each standing stage, and was eclipsed by Chong, who had just three penalties and climbed to a 43-second victory. In the youth women’s 6 k pursuit, Bankes doubled up despite seven missed shots, besting Darya Sepandj by 7.9 seconds.

Competitions continue over the weekend with mass start and relay competitions.


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