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U.S. Biathletes Plan a Racing Month in Norway, Seek Sponsors

With a month-long break in the IBU Cup schedule partly due to the Olympics, a group of American biathletes are planning a training and racing trip to Norway.

Jake Brown, Paul Schommer, and Max Durtschi are coming off of Open European Championships in Ridnaun, Italy, where Schommer had a top finish of 46th in the 20 k individual, Brown was 74th in the same race, and Durtschi was 56th.

“The trio comes from a diverse array of backgrounds ranging from professional cycling to collegiate track and field, however Nordic skiing has served as a common thread for all since high school,” the athletes write in a press release. “All three are current or former residents of the Olympic Training Center located in Lake Placid, NY where they train as members of the US Biathlon team… Having pushed each other in countless training sessions, Brown, Durtschi, and Schommer now look to be motivated by top level international competition.”

Schommer was US Biathlon’s fifth man on the World Cup at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, while Durtschi has been an IBU Cup regular and Brown has seen IBU Cup starts as well.

The group is seeking sponsors in exchange for logo space on race suits and rifle stocks.

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