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Lenox Girls and Mount Greylock Boys Dance Away with the State Championships


States 2020 Boys

States 2020 Girls

Mixed Relays – Berkshire League 2-10-18

Brandi Gill continues her strong season for Greylock. (photo: Noah Sandstrom)

Mixed Relay 2-3-2018-II

Boys Open Race 2-10-2018
Girls Open Race 2-10-2018

1. Jakin Miller (MG)
2. Willy Wright (A)
3. Ric Donati (MG)
4. Noel Anderson (M)
5. Jacob Adams (MG)
6. Corben Craig (H)
7. Louis Salz (NMH)
8. Guy Rice-Lesure (M)
1. Brandi Gill (MG)
2. Sage Michel (NMH)
3. Tenley Smith (MG)
4. Sola Herdeson-Schmid (L)
5. Elizabeth  Dupras (MG)
6. Jackie Wells (MG)
7. Ariel Dupras (MG)
8. Hollin Keyser-Parker (M)

The open race takes the course. (photo: Noah Sandstrom)

Shameless brand plug… nicely done. (photo: Noah Sandstrom)

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Hold On Snow… Berkshire League 2-3-18

Boys Varsity Results

Boys Varsity Team Results

Boys Junior Varsity Results

Boys JV – Short Course Results

Girls Varsity Results

Girls Varsity Team Results

Girls Junior Varsity Results

Girls JV – Short Course Results

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Massachusetts EHS/U16 Qualifier


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Thank You Mohawk – Berkshire League 1-27-18

Boys Varsity Results

Boys Varsity Team Results

Boys Junior Varsity Results

Boys JV – Short Course Results

Girls Varsity Results

Girls Varsity Team Results

Girls Junior Varsity Results

Girls JV – Short Course Results

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Always A Classic – Berkshire Race 1-20-18

Girls Varsity Results

Girls Varsity Team Results

Girls JV Results

Girs JV – Short Course Results

Boys Varsity Results

Boys Varsity Team Results

Boys JV Results

Boys JV – Short Course Results



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Wahconah Delivers Again – Berkshire League 1-7-18

Boys Varsity Results
Boys Varsity – Team Score
Boys JV Results
Boys JV – Short Course Results

Girls Varsity Results
Girls Varsity – Team Score
Girls JV Results
Girls JV – Short Course Results

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And We’re Off – Berkshire League 12-30-17

Boys Varsity

Girls Varsity

Boys JV

Girls JV

Boys JV – Short Course

Girls JV – Short Course

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Spirits Not Hampered by Slow Snow, Warm Weather


After opening the season with three competitions to find the best skier, this Saturday provided the setting to find the best racer. Skiing and racing can be two different things. Wave starts test your skiing ability and “guts” as you are often out on the course by yourself grinding just as hard as you dare over the 5k and finding out later how you performed against the competition. Mass starts can be a completely different beast altogether. Will you take the lead and push the tempo? Will you be able to hang on to the competition just in front of you? Racing in a mass start involves as much strategy and guile as it does technique and fortitude. Welcome back mass start racing!

After graciously hosting in a generally snow-less environment last week, Mohawk Trail Regional would again be the sight of this weeks’ test. Instead of icy conditions, today would be about who had the legs in the slush. Each school would place their top eight racers on varsity, with an open category for any racers not considered top eight for their school still eligible to compete.

The girls’ mass start got off well with only minor carnage at the back end of the opening straightaway. Brandi Gill (MG) and Alice Huth (LX) were out front at the first downhill with a long line of pursuers that became a solid pack through the opening field. By the first uphill, Gill and Huth nurtured a small gap that would quickly close as Margo Smith (MG), Clarissa Pollard (MOH), Lilly Wells (MOH), Emma Jourdain (LX), and Emma Polumbo (MG) drew back up to the two leaders through the ups and downs of the middle field.

It appeared that the Mt. Greylock duo of Gill and Smith might break away to begin the second lap but as other contenders slowly slipped away, Jourdain would claw her way back to create a lead pack of three. Alice Huth would remain a solo chaser through the second lap as the pack that now included Helen Greenfield (MG), Marion Hugh (LX) and Maggie Sorrentino chased behind her. Smith took over the lead of the front trio midway through the lap with Gill and Jourdain just behind.

As the third and final lap began, Gill took advantage of the flat terrain to regain the lead and create the decisive gap needed to win the race. She would not be directly challenged for the lead again as she pushed to her third win of the season and her third straight. Smith and Jourdain, however, were not finished with their battle. Smith would lead throughout the remainder of the sweeping climbs and descents until the final climb. Jourdain demonstrated a very strong V1 technique in pushing past Smith and creating the space she would hold through the finish for her strongest result of the season (2nd) and her first podium. Smith, the Heidi Weng of the Berkshire County league, was yet again on the podium with another top three result.

After Smith, Greenfield would stretch away from the pack to finish 4th; her first top five result. Alice Huth would be a mere 17 seconds back from Greenfield with yet another strong showing in 5th. Only one minute would separate skiers five through 10 on the day as Wells, Marion Huth, Polumbo, Pollard and Sorrentino rounded out the place winners.

The Mt. Greylock girls managed to win again and place skiers high in the standings again, but the gap between first and second was narrowed considerably. The Mounties scored a seemingly normal 16 points on the day with four skiers in the top eight. The Lenox Millionaires, however, demonstrated that they will be a force to be reckoned with down the stretch by scoring a mere 24 points with four skiers in the top 10. Lenox jumped back over Mohawk in finishing second this week. Mohawk and NMH finished tied on the podium for third with 70 points apiece.


The twisting course of Mohawk have once again hosted a battle for the top spot for the boy’s in the Berkshires. The usual top ten skiers, minus Ric Donati (MG) who did not race, jumped at the chance to all ski together given the mass start format. The start itself, narrowing quickly into a downhill, was uncharacteristically non chaotic with only a small breakdown in the middle of the racers. Tobias Weed (NMH), Kent Yoshikawa (NHM), Willy Wright (A), Luke Sedor Protti (A), Jakin Miller (MG), Evan Arthur (MG), and Cameron Castonguay (MG) jostled for placement in the lead pack coming through the first kilometer. Jacob Adams (MG) was not far behind following a fall at the start.

The leaders stuck close through the first lap, with first place changing from skier to skier. In the fields of the second lap, Arthur and Miller attacked to try and get some space from the pack. In an unfortunate accident, one of Arthur’s baskets broke off causing him to decide to get a pole from his coach on the sideline. The time to get the new pole along with his now uneven pole heights hampered Arthur making him fall back. Yoshikawa, Weed, and Wright followed Jakin in his surge. Three quarters of the way through the second lap, Arthur received a better suited pole and passed Castonguay who had passed him before in the confusion.

The head four battled together throughout the rest of the race with Arthur almost fully catching up in the third lap. Miller, leading the entire race after his surge, managed to pull away on the final climb for his first league win (24:50). Behind him, Weed took second after a similar move to Miller’s (25:07) finishing ahead of Wright (25:11) and Arthur (25:20). Yoshikawa had to drop out in the third lap because he had started to feel sick. Almost a minute later, Castonguay (26:05) just barely edged out Adams (26:06) who had been gaining back time over the entire third lap.

Rounding out the top ten Protti (27:25) beat out Avery Smith (NMH; 27:27) in a final sprint for 7th. A little behind, Corban Miller (MG; 27:58) and Aidan Sandvik (M; 28:07) took 9th and 10th respectively.

Because the many JV racers moved up to the longer race, the Junior Varsity race was unusually spread, especially for the top ten finishers. The race was dominated Walker Niemeyer (MG; 18:25) taking an early lead. Behind him, Carter Lemaire (MG; 19:18) and Owen Tucker-Smith (MG; 19:26) worked together for most of the race until Lemaire attacked with about a half a kilometer to go, gapping Tucker-Smith for second. The next five were also dominated by Greylock with Finn Welch (19:38) at the helm. After Welch: Michael Maruk (19:44), Gabe Gerry (19:57), Julius Munemo (21:00), and Ezra Sutter (21:17) all finished strong. Topping off the top ten were NMH’s Louis Salz and Garrett Weil beating out another pack of three Greylock skiers.

Thanks to Coach Rayton and the crew from Mohawk for hosting and to the Mt. Greylock volunteers for all the race day work.  There is no scheduled race for next weekend, which will hopefully allow snow to build up here in the Berkshires. If that does happen (do your snow dances, everyone) the first league classic race will be hosted at Notchview Reservation. See you all there!



Boys Varsity

Boys Varsity Team

Girls Varsity

Girls Varsity Team

Boys Junior Varsity

Girls Junior Varsity

Junior Open

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A Secret Patch of Snow


You want snow? Go to Mohawk Trail Regional School. You want great exercise? Learn to cross-country ski. You want great competition? Look no further than the Berkshire Nordic Ski League girls’ varsity races. While both of the first two races of the season resulted in an 11 second margin of victory, the third race saw four racers all within 11 seconds of each other and three within one second of the win.

With Grace Smith now competing at the collegiate level, the top spots for the league appear up for grabs each week. For the second straight week, however, Brandi Gill was able to snatch the win; this week by the narrowest of margins. The freshman from Mt. Greylock started from wave two, which proved to be the most competitive wave of the day. Clarissa Pollard (MOH) and Alice Huth (LX) were matched in a wave with Gill for the second straight week. The trio went out together behind the school and through the first field. In the first series of undulations Gill opened a small gap on the two chasers. Unlike last week when Gill pulled away early, Pollard was able to respond and latched onto Gill for the remainder of the race. At times a small gap would open, but Pollard constantly fought to bring it back. The two would ski together the rest of the race and finish in the order they raced, Gill at 14:12 and Pollard at 14:13. Huth would push on in a solo effort to a fifth place finish with a time of 14:34.

Starting from wave three, MG Sophomore Margo Smith was out by herself very early in the race. At the first check she was tied with Gill and Pollard. As the race progressed, Smith was always within 3 seconds of the duo in the wave ahead. At the last check on the final downhill, Smith was still three seconds down, but clawed back two seconds in the final climb to finish tied with Pollard (14:13) and one second off the winning time.

The only other race winner on the season, Niku Darafshi (MG) started in wave one along with several other favorites: Lilly Wells (MOH), Nevada Powers (NMH), and Emma Jourdain (LX). Darafshi pulled away early and was the virtual race leader at the first time check. Darafshi continued to pull away from the wave but at the same time slowly bled time back to the race leaders. Darafshi would fight her way to a fourth place finish (14:23). The three chasers also begrudgingly gave time away to each other and finished 6th through 8th with Wells leading the pack(15:02), Powers 13 seconds back (15:15), and Jourdain chasing them home (15:23). Powers and Jourdain each improved one place on last weeks result while Wells returned after missing last weeks race.

The three remaining place winners came from three different waves. Starting in her first varsity race, Anna Butcher (MG) earned her first top 10 finish. Skiing solo from wave six, Butcher came home in a time of 15:38 for 9th place. From wave eight, eighth grader Hazel Scullin (MG) also cracked her first top 10 (15:57) finishing tied for 10th. Rounding out the place winners was Sarah Gokey from Mohawk. Gokey finished tied for 10th (15:57) and in so doing continued her streak of top 10 finishes in each league race this season.

The Mt. Greylock girls (16 pts.) again finished on top of the team podium even without last weeks 6th place finisher Emma Polumbo. The return of Lilly Wells and the high placing of Pollard helped propel the girls of Mohawk (39pts, 2nd place) over Lenox while knocking NMH out of the top three for the week. Lenox fought to the third place finish with Marion Huth (15th) and Maggie Sorrentino (19th) rounding out their scoring (47 pts.)

The Junior Varsity race was junior in name only, even with last weeks top two (Anna Butcher and Ariel Dupras) being moved up to the Varsity race. Race winner Tenley Smith (MG) and 2nd place Amelia Murphy switched finishing places from last week and finished in 16:11 and 16:25 which would have been good for a 12th place and 17th place finishes in the Varsity race. Behind Smith and Murphy was a horde of Mounties who competed with each other help Mt. Greylock take the top eight places overall.

Alice Glab (16:36) finished 3rd with Miriam Bakija seven seconds back from the next wave (4th, 16:43). The next two places were a reprise of last weeks duel but this week from separate heats as Josie Smith took 5th (16:49) and Ella Dudley was 6th (17:00). Bella Bote moved up one spot from last week in finishing 7th (17:40) while Avery Powers (18:12) moved into the top 10 after last weeks 12th place showing.

The only non-Mounties to break into the top 10 were Julianne Harwood (LX) and Rebekah Keator (NMH). Harwood finished in 9th place (18:32) with her first top 10 of the season while Keator was in 10th place (18:44) with her second straight top 10 finish.

A big thank you to the Mohawk coaches and parents for all the hard work you put into pulling off the race. A fun course, great viewing, a competitive atmosphere and marvelous athletes all made for a great day.

While a classic race at MG next week does not look promising, not many of us thought there would be skiing this week at Mohawk…let’s hope!


As with last weeks race at Wahconah, the top spots were in hot contention. The hilly (compared to last week) and highly technical course allowed for some seriously fast times and for the top fifteen all to fall within two minutes of each other. Once again Kent Yoshikawa(NMH)  took the top spot from the second wave just seconds in front of Willy Wright (A). The two stuck together for the entire race separating little. By the last hill and final stretch Yoshikawa was able to pull just a bit ahead to grab his three second win over Wright finishing the course in 12:11.

Taking the last podium position was Toby Weed, a senior also from Northfield Mount Hermon. Taking advantage of the quick bottleneck at the very beginning of the course, Weed gapped the chasing group of Luke Protti (A), Jacob Adams (MG), and Miles Marshall (L) and kept his lead all the way to the finish (12:21).

After Weed, 4th through 8th were all Greylock lead by Ric Donati (12:29) from the third wave. Jakin Miller lead the fourth wave to come in twenty seconds behind Donati (12:39). Behind Miller, Jacob Adams (12:56) edged out teammate Evan Arthur (12:57) by one second. Topping off Greylock’s top five was Cameron Castonguay (13:08) in the fifth wave.

To round out the top 10: Amherst’s Luke Sedor Protti (13:13) finished in 9th with Lenox’s Miles Marshall (13:15) biting at his heels after an earlier fall, finishing 10th. Monument’s Aidan Sandvik (13:19) just missed the top ten in his first league race of the season.

Once again, Greylock (22 pts) took first for the day. With the great performances of Yoshikawa and Weed, NMH (37 pts) pulled past Amherst (63 pts) lead by Wright.

The Junior Varsity race was washed away by a wave of red as Mount Greylock took the top 15 spots except for Emmet McDonnell holding onto 10th from Berkshire Nordic Ski School. Greylock Senior Zach Armet(14:01) manned the helm to take first ahead of teammate Walker Neimeyer (14:06).

The next three: Carter Lemaire, Col McDermott, and Finn Welch, packed together early in the race and stayed tight throughout. Coming to the final two hills of the course, Mcdermott attacked and briefly parted from the other two. In the chute, however, Lemaire (14:15) just barely managed to overtake McDermott(14:16) finishing a second ahead. Not far from the two, Welch (14:22) finished in fifth.

Sam Edge (14:42), John Skavlem (14:54), Gio Cavalli (15:02), and Julius Munemo (15:09) rounded out the last Greylock skiers in the top ten. Munemo and McDonnell fought for the second part of the race after McDonnell worked back some lost ground. The 10th place showing for McDonnell (15:10) was his first appearance in a Berkshire league race as he finished just a second behind Munemo.

With a classic race possibly in the works, boys from both the Varsity and Junior Varsity are wondering if the top spots will stay the same, or change with such a different discipline. With any luck, we will be able to see for ourselves next Saturday.









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Greylock Rolls on at Wahconah



All photos courtesy of WRHS Ski Team and SA Sears Photography

Coach Ryan Touponce of Wahconah High School put in endless hours to make this race happen.

Coach Ryan Touponce of Wahconah High School put in endless hours to make this race happen.

The usual worries of hosting a cross country ski race were nothing for Coach Ryan Touponce of Wahconah High School. Timing, set up, and securing volunteers on race day took a back seat to snow cover. Three days and 20 hours of repeated cycles of grooming and shoveling later (not to mention hours by other volunteers) the Berkshire Ski League races were ready to roll. The setup and snow cover were fantastic and even managed to hold up under the skis of 503 total laps raced.


The hard work was only just beginning, however as the Varsity girls race took off. Alice Huth (LX), Brandi Gill (MG) and Clarissa Pollard (MOH), the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th place winners from the previous week were all entered in the first wave. Huth led the trio through the opening field loop and was passed by Gill right before they entered the woods toward the middle school loop. Throughout the race, Gill never relinquished that lead while Huth and Pollard would trade positions back and forth over the remaining 4.2K. Gill continued to stretch the margin finishing first in the wave and 1st overall at 19:28. Huth managed to hold off a hard charging Pollard right at the finish line as they crossed one second apart at 19:58 and 19:59 which resulted in 4th and 5th place finishes overall.

The second wave proved very competitive and contained four of the top 10 finishers. Emma Polumbo (MG) led this wave from the start, while Nevada Powers (NMH), Emma Jourdain (LX), and Sarah Gokey (MOH) battled each other right up to the finish. Polumbo, 6th overall, pulled away from the trio within the first kilometer and finished with a time of 20:00, 40 seconds ahead of the next girl in her wave. Powers also managed to pull away en route to a 20:40 finish and 8th overall. Jourdain (21:02) held off Gokey (21:05) to hold places 9 and 10 on the day.

The remaining top 10 place winners were all from Mt. Greylock and came from 3 different waves. Niku Darafshi and Margo Smith (1st and 4th last week) pushed hard by themselves with only the knowledge of their splits compared to the leaders from wave one. Navigating the course was not the only difficulty, however, as they also had to pass skiers from waves one through four along the narrow route. Darafshi displayed tremendous heart in a gutsy solo effort from wave 3 which yielded a time of 19:39, good enough for 2nd place. Smith’s effort from wave 4 of 19:43 for 3rd overall was equally impressive to Darafshi in heart and will and even included a fall and quick recovery in the woods that marginally affected her time.

The final top 10 place winner of the day may have been the most impressive as Sonia Glab (MG) started in wave 7 and skied her way through earlier waves to finish in 7th overall at 20:46. This was the first top 10 finish for Glab.


Wahconah’s Gabby Orlando gets her race started with a strong double pole on her way to 12th place in the girls’ varsity race.

Originally scheduled as a mass start race, the switch to a wave start allowed racers equal opportunity to get out of the gates strong and safely onto the narrow course. While there was some unpredictability in the results of each wave, the top spot in the team standings was remarkably predictable. Mt. Greylock demonstrated its traditional strength in pulling away from the field with 12 points. The next three places after the Mounties were hotly contested with Lenox (48), NMH (59), and Mohawk (61) battling to finish 2nd through 4th place.

The second girls race of the day was like the first in that it was dominated by Mountie finishers. Mt Greylock skiers took home 11 of the top 12 places and were only separated by a 10th place finish from Rebekah Keator of NMH (25:27). Top honors for the day went to first time race winner Anna Butcher whose flawless V2 technique led to a dominant performance on the flat course. Butcher was nearly a minute ahead of the rest of the field as she crossed the line in 21:20. The next four Mt. Greylock finishers were separated by a mere 22 seconds. Ariel Dupras, Amelia Murphy, Tenley Smith, and Miriam Bakija competed with each other like it was a practice on the fields of the Williamstown/Lanesboro high school.

One of the most exciting finishes of the day came out of the fourth wave as Ella Dudley and Josie Smith battled back and forth over the entire course. The teammates were both bent on winning the duel which came down to the final meters. Each alternate pole stroke resulted in a change in lead down the stretch as Dudley caught the finish line just right, finishing a toe ahead of Smith for 6th and 7th (23:13).

The remaining top 10 spots came from waves 3 and 6 as Bella Bote and Elizabeth Westerdahl raced to times of 23:52 and 24:36 respectively for 9th and 10th.

The Wahconah team knew how to work every inch of their home course.

The Wahconah team knew how to work every inch of their home course.


On the boys side of things, Greylock repeated as champs in the boys varsity race, but in a far less dominant fashion then last week’s 9 point showing. The addition of the Northfield-Mount Hermon (NMH) team and of Willy Wright (Amherst) who missed last week’s race, made for a much more competitive race this time around.

Sophomore Kent Yoshikawa (NMH) took the win with a time of 16:52 out of the hotly contested second wave. 2nd place finisher Willy Wright (AMH) and 3rd place Ric Donati (MG) also started in the second wave, and finished with times of 16:59 and 17:04 respectively. Yoshikawa led from the gun, and by the half-way point of the five kilometer race, had opened up a slight lead. Wright and Donati battled throughout, taking turns leading, but a decisive move by Wright with a kilometer to go earned him second place.

The first wave was also hotly contested with NMH’s Toby Weed (4th, 17:18), Mount Greylock’s Jakin Miller (5th, 17:26), Lenox’s Miles Marshall (tie 7th, 17:29), and Amherst’s Luke Sedor Protti (9th, 17:30) all racing together. Weed led the group for the entire race, and managed to break away from the rest with a surge at the end of the first lap. Seder Protti led the chase for most of the second lap, but faded towards the end, as Miller attacked with half a kilometer to go.

Mount Greylock's Head Coach, Hiram Greene, keeps it fun as always.

Mount Greylock’s Head Coach, Hiram Greene, keeps it fun as always.

The rest of the top 10 was all Greylock. Evan Arthur (17:27) finished 6th, Jacob Adams (17:29) tied for 7th, and Cameron Castonguay (17:39) rounded out the top ten. Wahconah’s top skier, Sam Pyser, finished nearly a minute back of Castonguay in 11th. Taconic’s Noah Shepardson put in a strong effort in 12th, Hoosac’s Mitch Barnes finished 22nd, Simsbury’s Adam Bosenburg came in at 31st, and Mohawk’s only skier, Guy Rice-Lesure, finished right behind in 32nd.

As in the girl’s race, Greylock won the team standings with 21 points, but the next three spots were hotly contested. Amherst finished 2nd with 43 points, Northfield-Mount Hermon finished 3rd with 52, and Lenox just missed the podium with 54.

In the JV race, it was all Greylock. The top eight finishers and 14 of the top 20, all bore the red-and-white bibs of the Mounties. 8th-grader Corban Miller took home his first win with a time of 18:58, a time that would have earned him 13th place in the varsity race. Miller and 2nd place finisher Sam Edge (19:18) both started in the first wave, and Edge made use of a strong double pole start to take an early lead, but Miller soon took over the lead. Edge managed to hang on to his teammate for the first lap, but lost contact soon after entering the second lap, and by the 3.5 kilometer mark, Miller had opened up a substantial lead. While Edge managed to claw back a handful of seconds in the closing stages, he never caught his teammate. After Edge, six more Mounties followed, with Carter Lemaire (19:53) in 3rd, Col McDermott (20:01) in 4th, Finn Welch (20:04) in 5th, Nima Darafshi (20:11) in 6th, John Skavlem (20:14) in 7th, and Gio Cavalli (20:39) in 8th. Ted Yee of Lenox and Julius Munemo of Greylock rounded out the top 10, with times of 20:56 and 21:13 respectively.

The overall theme of the day was that Wahconah had done a wonderful job managing the snow and course to provide for the enjoyment and competition of 265 racers. Thanks to the Wahconah coaching staff and all the volunteers for making it happen. See you next week.

Complete Results:




Wahconah’s coaches, team and volunteers were amazing hosts as always.

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BNSL – New Season, New Faces, Same Result


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Berkshire League, Race 4

Berkshire League – Boys Varsity Final Results 13116 Sheet1

Berkshire League – Girls Varsity Final Results 13116 Sheet1

Berkshire League – Girls Varsity Final Results 13116 Sheet2

Berkshire League – Boys JV Final Results 13116

Berkshire League – Girls JV Final Results 13116

Berkshire League – Beginner Results Race IV

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Massachusetts State EHS / U16 Qualifier Results




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Berkshire League Race #3

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 23, 2016 – Boys’ Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 23, 2016 – Girls’ Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 23, 2016 – Boys’ Junior Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 23, 2016 – Girls’ Junior Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 23, 2016 – Beginner

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Results MBW XC Race #1

2016 MBW Results Race 1

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Berkshire League Race #2 Results

Berkshire League Race at Berkshire East

Girls Varsity Results Race II

Boys Varsity Results Race II

Girls JV Results Race II

Boys JV Results Race II

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Berkshire League Race #1 Results

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 14, 2016 – Boys’ Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 14, 2016 – Girls’ Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 14, 2016 – Boys’ Junior Varsity

Berkshire Nordic League Results – January 14, 2016 – Girls’ Junior Varsity

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Wellesley Girls and Mount Greylock Boys Take Top Honors at Massachusetts State Championship

Massachusetts State Championship – 2-11-15 – BOYS

Massachusetts State Championship – 2-11-15 – GIRLS

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Berkshire Regular Season Concludes In Style

Berkshire Leage Race 2-7-15 – Varsity Boys

Berkshire Leage Race 2-7-15 – Varsity Girls

Berkshire Leage Race 2-7-15 – JV Boys

Berkshire Leage Race 2-7-15 – JV Girls

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