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New York Freestyle Time Trial

We battled through the rain, avoided the lightning, stayed on our feet over the slick pavement and still posted some great results.  Keep working towards bigger goals.

Here are the results.

New York Skate Time Trial Results

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Weight Shift and Commitment

This photo is from last weekend’s roller-ski World Cup race in Italy.  Note the “flat” skis of the two front skiers and how the hip is to the outside of the ski.  This is the type of commitment to weight shift we are looking for! Click the photo to view a larger version. (Photo Credit: buy birth control online

A Pick-up Triathlon

BNSC Tri Festival

Summer Race Calendar

Here are some fun ‘local’ races to keep your racing edge. “The worst thing that will happen is you will get in a really good workout.” – Bud Fisher

Double Pole Test #1

“Both laboratory and field testing have consistently shown that upper body maximal aerobic capacity and muscular endurance are strongly correlated to cross country ski race performance ” – Dain LaRoche Ph.D. We will repeat this test again in the middle and at the end of the summer. These results are your benchmark, with hard work everyone will improve.

Training Material

Here is all the material for summer training.  Download and print what you need.  Everybody should have a new copy of the Training Plan, and should print plenty of log sheets to record their training.  If you want to download parts of the training log separately, they are listed below as well.  There have been some minor changes to the core workout, the double pole test, and the nutrition info from last year.

The Late, Great, New England Ski Race/Prospect Spring Fling – Results and photos

A great time was had by all at the The Late, Great, New England Ski Race…. aka The Prospect Spring Fling brought to you by and Prospect Mountain. The day started with a 6.5km distance event – with skate and classic divisions. Most skiers opted for skate, despite the fact that 6″ of fresh snow and temperatures in the 20’s made for ideal classic skiing. The conditions felt like mid-winter – packed powder, relatively cold – though the March sun was a nice addition. The second event of the day was an obstacle course sprint – racers matched up head-to-head on a dual course that included tight uphill slalom, tennis ball biathlon, hay bale hurdles, downhill slalom, backward skiing and a haybale jump. It was single elimination, leaving no room for error. Overall winners for the day were crowned based on World Cup point scoring for the two races…

Duathlon at Notchview Reservation

Thanks again, Notchview Duathlon Results buy birth control online

Ski For Scholarship

Ski For Scholarship is a cross country ski race to benefit the Mathias Jessup Bartels Scholarship Fund. We had a great turnout! It was wonderful to see so many new and old friends all smiling and enjoying a great event. See you next year… Ski For Scholarship Results 2008 buy birth control online

MA State Championship

Well done, all.  Congratulations to the dual winner, Mt. Greylock.  Thank you so much Notchview – your effort is highly appreciated and exceptionally professional. Boys Individual Boys Team Girls Individual Girls Team buy birth control online