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Berkshire League: A Bout with Klister

Josie Marshall (Lenox) on her way to her second league win of the season.

By: Alex White

Warm weather makes for soft snow and soft snow makes for slow races. Those were the conditions the Berkshire County nordic skiers faced this Saturday at Prospect Mountain for the county’s first classic race in two years. With temperatures hovering around forty degrees and a light rain falling at times, skiers slogged through the 5K course. Some resorted to striding the downhills just to make it through.

In what is becoming a bout Marquez and Pacquio would be proud of, Lenox’s Josie Marshall took round three—her second in a row—over Greylock’s Kat Chenail. Chenail befell some serious misfortune in the second half of the race when she lost a ski and had to fight to make her way back into the race. Despite the fact that Chenail and Marshall were in the same wave, foul play has been ruled out of the question due to the fact that Marshall has never done anything mean to anybody. In the end, Marshall’s powerful skiing created too big of a gap for Chenail to overcome. In a post-race interview, Marshall expressed her delight to be back in the tracks saying, “I was just happy to be classic skiing on any conditions because haven’t had a classic race in so long.” Greylock’s Sophia Dastoli, Alexa Adams, and Steph Adamczyk took third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

Following closely on the heels of the Girls Varsity skiers was the JV Girls, led by Greylock’s Greta Savitsky, Sophie Gerry, and Christina Butcher. Savitsky crossed the line in an elapsed time of 26:01 for the victory.

Greylock’s Sean Houston on his way to finishing second, a career best performance.

A Greylock one through five sweep in the Boys Varsity race was more than enough for the Mounties to snag the victory with a perfect score of ten, McKayla Maroney style…oh wait. Too soon? Senior Alex White took the victory in a time of 19:28. Close behind White were fellow seniors Sean Houston and Will Kirby. Cracking the top five for the first time this season were Jonah Majumder and Jake Foehl. Northfield skiers Estevan Velez and Henry Colt each scored notable top ten finishes, while Mohawk’s Tom Damery quietly continued his impressive season as he snuck in in eighth place. Houston, doing his best to contain his excitement upon hearing the results, stated, “Going one through five was a goal of ours entering the year, and today was as good a day as any to achieve it. I think it’s a real testament to the hard work a lot of these guys have put in both at practice and in the offseason.”

In their best effort to emulate their varsity brethren, the Greylock JV boys ultimately one-upped the Mountie V-Squad by placing six in the top six. Caleb Raymond recorded his first victory on the year, and first year skier Carter Stripp’s third place victory was an inspiration to all.

While the next few days’ weather has next week’s race location up in the air, one thing is for certain: there will be a race, and skiers better bring their game faces…as well as their skis, boots, etc. Don’t just bring your game face cause that won’t get you very far.

Complete Results:

Berkshire League -1-12-13- Boys Varsity

Berkshire League -1-12-13- Girls Varsity

BerkshireLeague -1-12-13- Boys JV

Berkshire League -1-12-13- Girls JV


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Mass Bay West: Results 1-8-13

MBW Final Race 1 Results buy birth control online

Berkshire League: One for the Masses

By: Alex White DALTON, Mass – Week two of Berkshire County nordic ski racing provided all the excitement the county needed to get it through to the afternoon’s NFL playoffs. Being a mass start, as opposed to the wave starts Berkshire County is accustomed to, each race consisted of all its participants starting at once. As so often happens in mass starts, pandemonium ensued at the back of the starts with skiers piling up as they neared the first slight uphill. Despite the slight chaos, it was an excellent experience for all the skiers because of the prevalence of mass starts on the regional, national, and international levels. Packs quickly formed out of the double pole zone in the boys’ varsity race. Out in front, Greylock’s Alex White and Will Kirby traded the lead off many times before White finally managed to squeak out a narrow one-second victory on the relatively…

Berkshire League Season Gets Underway

Following a year marked by little snow and way too much time spent at Berkshire East, the Berkshire County skiers found themselves finally back in business at Prospect Mountain to close out 2012. With over two feet of snow having fallen in the past week, Prospect was more than equipped to handle of onslaught of racers. The Boys Varsity faced varying conditions as they were the first to go off at 9:30 am. Falling snow turned to sunny skies by the end of the race. Greylock skiers took four of the top five spots with Will Kirby successfully claiming victory in a time of 16 minutes and 9 seconds. Alex White and Sean Houston, both from Greylock, claimed second and third respectively. Rounding out the top five were Mohawk skier Tom Damery posting a time of 17:44 and Greylock skier Will Nolan. On the girls’ side of things, Greylock’s Kat…

Visions From 1st to 120th, Victories of All Speeds at the Mass State Championship

Once again photographer Tamara Hitchcock put together a collection of what she saw through her lens at the Massachusetts State Championship last week at Prospect Mountain. Enjoy! 03-02-12 – Massachusetts Nordic State Meet Photos, by: Tamara Hitchcock!i=1739371878&k=t8J7HCS buy birth control online

Greylock Wins Team Titles, Cannon and Holdman Win Individual Crowns at State Championship

By: Luke Costley and Josh Harrington The girls’ race kicked off the competition at this morning’s Massachusetts State Championships, as skiers from thirteen different schools took to the course at Prospect Mountain in Woodford, Vermont. The girls worked hard throughout the 7.2-kilometer race, pushing themselves over a series of Prospect’s longest hills and down the subsequently challenging descents. The freshly fallen snow, a novelty in this mild winter, was another factor, as it could be squirrelly in spots, and powdery in others. But paying little mind to the difficult conditions, the girls put forth tremendous efforts across the board; their fierce competition set the tone for the rest of the day’s races.

‘What the Heck is a Chevron Start’: Berkshire League Racing Continues in Mass

CHARLEMONT, Massachusetts – Once again the Berkshire League was blessed during this snowless winter by the generous support of alpine mountain Berkshire East, who continues to help keep the season going.  This fourth league race, third at Berkshire East, was hosted by the Mount Greylock team who devised a challenging mass start race complete with a chevron start used to create a uneventful embarkment.  Once on course the veterans displayed their skills for four laps, while the newcomers contested for three.

Massachusetts EHS and J2 Team Rosters

Congratulations to everyone  who made the EHS and J2 teams and to everyone who participated in the qualifiers.  Massachusetts skiers have been working hard and getting better every year.  This year’s teams will be our best ever.  And to those who didn’t quite make a team, keep working hard, and make it next year. Mark February 26th on your calendar.  We will have a team training day (with a focus on having fun).  Location to be determined based on where there might be some snow. Rob Bradlee, Head Coach, EHS Team Jamie Doucett, Head Coach, J2 Team 2012 Massachusetts J2 Team 2012 Massachusetts EHS Team buy birth control online

Berkshire Nordic Skiers Go Alpine: Keogh and Harrington Win Freestyle League Race

CHARLEMONT, Massachusetts – The high school cross country skiers of Western Massachusetts once again took to the alpine trails of Berkshire East last night for their third league race of this weather challenged ski season.  The three-lap course utilized the bunny slope and the bottoms of the main trails around the base lodge with conditions which challenged even the most seasoned veterans.  By the end of the evening, as the lycra clad athletes emerged from the darkness to cross the finish line it was for the second straight week Mohawk’s Brenna Keogh and Mount Greylock’s Josh Harrington who showed that they were coming into top form at the right time of year.

North of the Border: EHS/J2 Classic Qualifier Results

GRAFTON, Vermont – Last year at the Eastern High School Championships in Rumford, Maine Massachusetts climbed over Maine and New Hampshire to finish second as a team on the trails of Black Mountain.  Now Vermont, the longstanding top dog, stands as the final rung to get to the top of the northeast high school ski ladder. Massachusetts skiers and coaches seem willing to do whatever necessary to get there and as Bill Murray’s character, Carl Spackler, proclaimed in the 1980 comedy ‘Caddyshack’, sometimes you have to prepare like your enemy in order to beat them. “I have to laugh, because I’ve outsmarted even myself. My enemy, my foe, is [Vermont]. In order to conquer [Vermont], I have to learn to think like [Vermont]. And, whenever possible, to look like [Vermont]. I’ve gotta get inside [Vermont’s] pelt and crawl around for a few days.”