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2015-16 Canadian World Cup Selection Criteria

Dear Athletes and Coaches,


The World Cup selection criteria for this season, including the Canadian World Cup Tour, is now posted, and can be found here:


A working group of 12 senior club coaches, along with the U.S. Ski Team staff, collaborated to create the Selection Criteria.


Here is a summary of start spots allotted to the USA for the Canadian Tour:



National World Cup Tour Quota for 2015-16: 7

SuperTour Overall Leader: 1

Nation’s Group: 5

Total: 13 women



National World Cup Tour Quota for 2015-16: 5

SuperTour Overall Leader: 1

Nation’s Group: 5

Total: 11 men


In addition to the usual World Cup quotas, which are determined by results from the previous World Cup season, the overall leaders of the SuperTour on February 7, 2016 (one man and one woman) will be selected to the Canadian Tour. As always, these are the two athletes who would normally be attending World Cup Period IV.


Additionally, USA will have a nation’s group quota of 5 women and 5 men for the Canadian Tour.  These 10 athletes will be selected in the following manner:


First, up to one man and one woman (2 athletes total) will be selected from either World Cup results or OPA (Europa Cup) results between January 16 and February 21, 2016. Priority goes to the athlete that has scored World Cup points in an individual (non-pursuit) World Cup race in that period. This could be a sprint or a distance race. If no athlete makes the WC criteria, then second priority goes to any athlete with 1 x top-5 result or 2 x top-7 results in OPA (Europa Cup) competition, during the same selection period.


The majority of the Nation’s Group will be selected via the SuperTour competitions held between the start of the 2015-16 race season and the end of U.S. Nationals. Eight athletes (4 men and 4 women) will be selected from SuperTour on January 11, 2016. We will select the top 2 leaders on the men’s distance list, men’s sprint list, women’s distance list, and women’s sprint list. These leaders will not be selected on total SuperTour points, but rather their best 3 out of 4 results (highest SuperTour points races) in one discipline (sprint or distance). As usual, races at U.S. National Championships are scored as double-points races.


We have decided to close the selection period for these 8 athletes relatively early (mid-January) for two important reasons. The first is that we wish to continue to encourage our best athletes to race in Europe in the middle of the winter (post-Nationals), and not be forced to stay home in order to qualify for the Canadian Tour. The second reason is to give adequate time for athletes, clubs and coaches to plan for waxing and support logistics during the Canadian Tour.


The Canadian Tour will be an exciting opportunity for US athletes to demonstrate their abilities in North America. With our fan base in attendance and by competing in familiar venues, we will certainly have a home-course advantage. With a total of 24 athletes on the start line, we need to seize this opportunity for World Cup success.