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2018-19 World Cup Period 1 Team Selection

Dear Cross Country Community,

We are pleased to announce the USA Cross Country Team for World Cup Period 1, (Nov. 24 – Dec. 16, 2018).

Simi Hamilton                              Objective              40th Overall WC 2017-18, 17th Sprint WC 2017-18
Erik Bjornsen                                Objective              50th Overall WC 2017-18
David Norris                                  Objective              Overall SuperTour Leader 2017-18
Scott Patterson                             Discretion             Distance
Paddy Caldwell                             Discretion             Distance
Ben Lustgarten                             Discretion             Distance
Adam Martin                                Discretion             Distance
Kevin Bolger                                 Discretion             Sprint
Logan Hanneman                       Discretion             Ruka Sprint C only
Ben Saxton                                   Discretion             Ruka Sprint C only

Jessie Diggins                              Objective              2nd Overall WC 2017-18, 3rd Dist. WC, 6th Sprint WC
Sadie Bjornsen                            Objective              6th Overall WC 2017-18, 10th Dist. WC, 8th Sprint WC
Sophie Caldwell                           Objective              19th Overall WC 2017-18, 3rd Sprint WC
Ida Sargent                                   Objective              23rd Sprint WC 2017-18
Kaitlynn Miller                            Objective              Overall SuperTour Leader 2017-18
Rosie Brennan                             Discretion             Distance and Sprint
Caitlin Patterson                         Discretion             Distance
Kelsey Phinney                            Discretion             Sprint
Rosie Frankowski                       Discretion             Distance alternate

The above discretionary selections were nominated by a 14-person working group that includes 9 of our top club coaches, a U.S. Ski & Snowboard athlete representative, and 4 U.S. Ski Team coaches, including myself. The nominations were then approved by a discretionary selection review group comprised of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Nordic Program Manager, the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Chief of Sport, and a athlete representative who is a member of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Board.

The newly approved World Cup Selection Criteria can be found here:


The above discretionary selection process will be repeated for each period of World Cup this coming season, with the next selection for the Tour de Ski (i.e. Period 2) coming on or after Dec. 16, 2018.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about this process, feel free to contact me directly.

Sincerely, Chris

Chris Grover
Head Coach, U.S. Cross Country Ski Team