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MCSA Revitalizing College Nordic Ski Racing in the Midwest (Press Release)

Press Release

October 14, 2019

The Midwest Collegiate Ski Association (MCSA), the central region conference for the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association (USCSA) has launched a major initiative to significantly grow collegiate nordic ski racing in the Central Region. The tack being taken promises to be successful.

The Central Region has seen the proliferation of college nordic ski clubs, some of which number over 100 participants. While the primary focus of these clubs is to introduce students to recreational nordic skiing, a segment within these clubs is also pursuing racing as part of local and regional citizen races. Those college nordic club programs have also started to look for participation in traditional structured college ski races. 

One of the driving factors for the growth of college nordic clubs in the Central Region are the large numbers of nordic junior racers, those currently numbering in the thousands. For those going on to college, the campus nordic club presents the ideal and most accessible opportunity to continue in that sport. While these are club sports programs, they are starting to incorporate very high level athletes who are on a par or exceed many varsity programs. Also, these club programs often receive significant non-athletic department financial support from their institutions.

A special organizational meeting has been scheduled by the MCSA for October 27 at UW-Stout, WI for all interested college nordic ski programs in the region west of Lake Michigan. Over 20 campuses have responded, with the majority planning to attend. Others will participate via conference call. 

The MCSA contact for this meeting is: Ted Theyerl, MCSA Conference Nordic Coordinator